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  • glinda glinda's Avatar 11-17-05 | 05:48 PM
  • I failed my glucose tolerance test. I had to go for round 2. It was worse. I thought I was going to throw up. I should have said let's just assume I developed gestational diabetes and not torture me any more by sending me into sugar shock.

    My doctor's assigned day (she's in a practice) for deliveries was on Mondays. Since the babies were breech from the get go, we scheduled a c-section months before they were due. The Monday that she picked was 38 weeks 6 days. In my head, I could have gone into labor well before I hit 39 weeks. I was nervous about having such a late date because I wanted my doctor, not one of her partners, to be there with me. Since I was uptight about the whole thing and since I did have gestational diabetes and a mild case of preeclampsia, she moved up the date 1 week to 37 weeks 6 days. A friend at work told me to expect to blow around 32 weeks. My guys were staying put. My water broke at the hospital right before the c-section. Twins are considered full term at 34 weeks. My dr stopped measuring my cervix at that point. I joined a twins mothers club. Many of the women gave birth 30 to 32 weeks. Their babies are all fine. The babies may have to stay in the hospital for a bit longer, that's all.
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 11-18-05 | 03:26 AM
  • Hey girls. Missy, YEAH about Lisa. Not very model like peeing in a diaper on national TV eh? Good god. Today I'm 26 weeks 5 days. So that makes you 22 plus. Silly girl. I have a big calendar on my wall for count down. Diane, 32 weeks around here is considered a total triumph! I'm sure she'll be fine. 28 is the number we're all striving for. So she should be golden. So I flunked the glucose test yesterday so had to do the three hour today. So all total I had seven pokes and three bottle of goo. What a bunch of crap! They make you fast for the three hour test then drink the goo, which makes you feel worse than if you just didn't eat. Needless to say I had a total meltdown today when my Dr. came in. She said to buy something I can't afford to make myself feel better. DH loved that! I'm better now after a good cry, some dinner and a shower. My baby girl is doing good.
    Yeah to no childbirth classes. We're going to go on Monday but leave before the video starts (they're showing a c section next week). At least it gets me out of my room for a couple hours. Not sure why anyone needs to see that but what do I know. Give me the drugs and show me the baby is all I need. Anyway, thanks for cheering me up. Leslie
  • jjello 11-18-05 | 07:39 AM
  • Ugh, Leslie, sorry for all the crap you're going through. What exactly is a glucose test? And I saw you mentioned a wheel chair the other day - do they not even let you walk at all? Your strength in the face of all this amazes me.

  • JagsAli JagsAli's Avatar 11-18-05 | 10:08 AM
  • Leslie-
    26 weeks that is great. Sorry to hear about the Glucose test, I guess we all have to go thru that huh??? e
    sounds nasty! Glad you are feeling much better after the shower and all and the good cry. Also glad to hear your little angel is doing so well. I know you must be going crazy at times...but not much further, have they told you anything about when they expect you to have the baby? or do they just want you to hang on for as long as you can? Very proud of you. So what are you going to get yourself to make you feel better? So the Birthing classes are good? I don't blame you Missy for not going to the Birthing classes since you will be have a c-section....hope all is well you, how is the tear? does that get better on it's own?
    Well glad to hear everyone is moving right along...hopefully we will be getting some more good news here w/ all the cycles coming up.
    Take care.

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