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maybe not?

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  • smking17 05-16-05 | 09:11 AM
  • Well, Sat early morning I had a negative HPT, and then spotting by 3pm, but I kept with the progesterone overnight, forgot to test Sunday am, was spotting again by 3pm Sunday afternoon, and then used the progesterone again last night, tested at 6 am and BFP!!!! I will be calling the Dr soon to see what I should do from here, up the progesterone? go in for a beta? Do you think AF is trying to break through and this is why I am getting spotting by 3 pm (after the progesterone wears off?) or do you think this is my body try to take care of a possible problematic pg?

    Not sure whether to that this will take, but so happy to see that second line. Best wishes to all of you....I'll keep you posted,
  • marielou marielou's Avatar 05-16-05 | 12:02 PM
  • Oh wow - it looks like congratulations is in order!
    Is the spotting brown blood? In my clinic guidelines, it says that brown spotting, while stressful, is rarely a bad sign, as its old blood - especially if its around the time of your period - implantation spotting.
    Are you going ot get a beta done? That could help show how things are going ...... anyway, wonderful news for you, Sophie is going to be a big sister!!

    (sorry, for some reason I can't get any smilies, so thats all I can do!)

    Marie xx
  • smking17 05-16-05 | 12:11 PM
  • Marie-

    I just went in for a beta and serum progesterone check, so we'll see how it goes - they said they should know by the end of today. No, it's red, so that's why I am concerned, but not in LARGE amounts (pantyliner). They also told me that if i was really worried I should just use another suppository, but I guess I'd rather just see what the bloodwork shows.

    ps. I am such a wimp about needles - I have refused anything that requires needles in the last few decades of my life and didn't even know my bloodtype. She used a pediatric needle and I still cried, and then just to make me more ashamed she put a kid's bandaid on me.

  • SnowboardingMommy SnowboardingMommy's Avatar 05-16-05 | 12:22 PM
  • Sometimes the P4 suppositories will actually irritate your cervix a little and cause a little bleeding. That is amazing that you saw a BFP!!!! Glad you didn't stop the suppositories and I'm hoping they give you a good beta # later today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • smking17 05-16-05 | 01:43 PM
  • Oh, I hate this. I am coming back here to report that I am haivng more red bleeding at 12:30pm - it was nothing this morning and now this again! I hate this - I feel so close but yet SO SO far. I am still waiting on the bloodwork results, but decided to use another suppository just in case...


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