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Meet w/ new RE-got 2nd opinion....LONG...

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Old 11-21-06, 11:24 AM
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Default Meet w/ new RE-got 2nd opinion....LONG...

Hi everyone...well DH and I went & saw a new RE yesterday about our situation. We gave him our background and let him know that since I had surgery in March that we've gone through TWO FAILED IVF cycles and that our other doctors have told us that I probably have poor egg quality due to the damage from the endo. We also let him know that they were possibly suggesting for us to consider a donor egg and/or just doing a frozen transfer of our frozen embie. Oh and that they think I need to go back in for surgery.

Well, this is what the new RE had to say about all of that....BRACE YOURSELVES....

First, he said there is NO WAY he would EVER TELL A WOMAN that she has poor quality eggs b/c there is no way to prove that either way really, so he would NEVER say that!!!

Then he said he would not recommend surgery again either....he doesn't think it's neccessary??

His reaction to us using a donor egg was- not at this point

So he said, his second opinion is the following...if he had done the surgery in March and found that I had stage 3 endo.....he would've wanted to suppress me a little longer so that my hormone levels, etc. were all low again. He said he would've prepared us and my body more for IVF...would not have done it so soon...our first attempt was in July...about 4 months after surgery. He also said that after we had a first failed cycle before even doing another one he would've REALLY looked at my cycle and tried to figure out why so many eggs were retrieved and so few were fertilized and so FEW or NONE made it to freeze??

We had a copy of our records w/ us too...get this NO INFORMATION was in there about EITHER of our IVF cycles....he said he REALLY wants to see those before we move too much forward....IF we decide to go a different direction w/ him.

I'm telling you....he also knew of our practice VERY well....the one doctor was going to be working w/him...but he did not like her work ethics and/or how she does things. He also trained their lab person so he knows that person knows what he is doing.

After talking with the new RE...dh & I were a little....I'm not even sure what the word is...not really angry but maybe just disappointed that we didn't go get a second opinion right from the beginning. But, at this pt. we can't second guess ourselves and just have to make a SMART move here and just move forward in the direction that we see as RIGHT FOR US!!!!

Our insurance is only going to cover IVF one more we need to decide something. He also thinks if we go the direction that we are going that the way my body is right far as the inside goes...hormone levels, etc. that we'd probably have another failed cycle.

He said IF we decide to move in a different direction w/ him that he'd like to suppress my body a little more longer & have me use the Depot I've heard soooo many different things about this injection & I'm having a hard time accepting to use that...I need some input on this injection if anyone has/had used this....PLEASE be honest.

So he'd like me to use 3.75 of the Depot Lupron injection for 3 months and then check everything and possibly on the 4th month try to do another IVF cycle...he thinks we'll have a better chance of a pregnancy taking that way.

Let me know what you think about EVERYTHING....what he said and what we should do??

Oh I called our other RE office this morning and let them know that we didn't receive all of our records...that there WAS NOTHING in there about our two IVF cycles....she played it off as if it was an oversight and would get those in the mail to me today?? HMMM???

Thanks in advance for ANY advice and/or support offered about this post

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Old 11-21-06, 12:34 PM
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Wow. I am newly back to the ttc scene and am just finishing an ivf cycle so I can't answer many of your questions or even offer any good suggestions. I will tell you that I know I have made an enormous mistake sticking with the same re for so long. I think you are perfectly right to get your second opinion and move on. I have been kicking myself non-stop for being too accepting of this re's flaws for so long. I wish you the best of luck.
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Old 12-01-06, 06:35 PM
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I just popped on this board to catch up with some folks and saw your post. I just wanted to say to be really careful about that lupron depot shot. I have heard (and known one woman) that it has been know to cause cysts. Personally, I would go with the daily injections. I never found the lupron needles to be a big deal. I did all my stims via IM, so to me I laughed at the lupron needles.

Good luck and glad to hear you found an RE you feel comfy with. The only thing I would add is that I'd be hesitant if an RE started knocking another practice. I'd want it backed up with examples, not he-said-she-said type stuff. Ya know?
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