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Is my body good

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  • tichatte tichatte's Avatar 09-20-05 | 08:15 PM
  • jalove, welcome
    I don't think the chips and dips are bad, I never had any eating requirements prescribed to me, they do tend to want you to be healthy and in somewhat kind of shape though. On a board I frequent many of the women discuss their REs request they loose some weight before cycling again. They also recommend limiting caffeine, alcohol and smoking when attempting cycling, this is also recommended when you are trying to conceive naturally, there are so many others I have read during my 9 yrs of infertility, some of them are really great, when I cycled back in 02 I did a lot of the things I found to improve my cycle, and amazingly enough they worked. {Cycling in Japan they normally strive to get 5-9 good eggs from a patient, I ended up w/ 17 (beautiful as described by Doctor) embies} so w/ that being said, yes, in my opinion there are things that can help improve your cycle, and if you would like, just e me and I will set you up w/ a very positive site that helped me prep for my cycle. The biggest cycle improver is thinking positive and knowing you are doing everything to make it work, and knowing if it doesn't you won't be second guessing any of your actions. I hope this helps. Wishing you a successful cycle.

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  • Celia_M 09-25-05 | 04:33 PM
  • I'm SO with Glinda on this one
    I made a conscious decision Not to get paranoid and stressed out over every little thing I was eating/drinking you've enough stress to deal with as is... I did quit smoking when we first started ttc, I cut right down on caffeine (but chocolate is my weakness!) and have never been a big drinker anyway. They did give us a diet sheet at the pre-ivf information evening - it basically said eat healthily and then outlined what Not to eat if the IVF worked. PMA (positive mental attitude) imo counts for a Lot. If you're the sort of person who likes/can meditate/practice relaxation/visualisation exercises I'd look up some of those.
    Good luck