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my first shots this morning (@ 7:30 am)!

my first shots this morning (@ 7:30 am)!

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  • lbentow 01-26-09 | 07:13 AM
  • Hi everyone,

    I got all my meds in the mail on friday and i go in this morning at 7:30 to learn how to do the injections! I'm scared, nervous, and feel like backing out! Is this normal? My appointment is in 4 hours, and I just can't sleep. DH is snoring away and all I can think about are the scary shots! Help!
  • pearlgirlulm pearlgirlulm's Avatar 01-26-09 | 02:02 PM
  • I think it is every normal. I felt like back out several times. I have had so much times where I think this is not going to work...why do this? Keep going. you are going to be fine. I have not felt one shot since I have started and I am now on 3 a day.

    I can not wait to hear how your visit went. We are so close in this process together. I am only a little bit a head of you.
  • lbentow 01-26-09 | 06:42 PM
  • 3 shots a day?! Oh my! I just started on the 300 gonal, and it wasn't too bad, but I did screw up. I didn't push it all the way, so I didn't inject all of the meds in, but the nurse said it was ok. i think she only said it to make me feel better.
    I go back tomorrow morning again to do an ultrasound, bloodwork, and then she'll let me know whether i stay on the 300 or down to 225.

    My retrieval date is supposed to be sometime next week, either on wed, thurs, or fri. So we only need to be on the injections for about a week before the retrieval? Besides being thirsty and tired, any other symptoms?

    Oh, so what are the other injections you take and where do you inject them?

    is it true that after the retrieval, (so next week), then there are no more injections?

  • pearlgirlulm pearlgirlulm's Avatar 01-27-09 | 10:25 AM
  • Well each doctor's protocol is different. I have been on the Lupron injections for 21 days and counting. I started my Follistim injections and Menopur on last Friday. I took my last dose of Menopur (for a couple of days) last night. They want me to save a Menupur dose to take closer to the retrievel. I am still taking the Follistim. I take on in the morning and one in the evening. They have me doing all shots in my stomach

    I have not had anymore symptoms since starting the stimulation. A few headaches here and there but nothing that I can not deal with.

    My retrievel as of right now is schedulednext week on Tuesday. They are saying it could be Monday, it could be Wednesday but it is next week. My transfer will be 3 days from that. So as of right now I am schedule for Friday transfer next week

    I will not be injection free after the retrievel. I will stop for a few days but then I have to Progestrone injections the day after on retrievel and I will be on those couple of weeks If I am pregnant. I think it is to help me stay pregnant.

    Right now I am going every other day and then I will soon be going everyday. I went yesterday and it was a good appt. They were surprised how well I am doing with stimulation. They said they already see several that are a pretty good size for only being on the stim drugs for three days. I am just really praying it stays that way. I go tomorrow for another sonogram and more bloodwork.

    I can not believe how close we are in this process. We might be having our retrievel on the same day!!! I am really crossing my fingers for us!!! Keep me posted on how everything is going. Don't worry I have screwed up my shots before too!!!

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  • lbentow 01-27-09 | 08:55 PM
  • i wonder how early they can 'know for sure' the exact date of retrieval and transfer will be. I'm scheduled for my retrieval on either wed, thurs, OR fri of next week, and then the transfer about 3 days after.

    i saw some of the needles in my huge box of meds. The injections now aren't that bad, the gonal injections. however, there are some in there that are HUGE. I wonder where those will be injected, and i'm dreading it.

    Are you excited or how are you feeling? I think i'm reluctant to feel excited or happy because i'm afraid if t his doesn't turn into a pregnancy, then i'll be really disappointed. Almost all of our friends, family, and coworkers know that we are doing this, and I guess I feel a bit pressured or something. Like if it doesn't work out, will I feel that it was my fault? I don't know. I think I need to see a therapist after all of this!

    How many eggs do you plan to transfer? Oh, can the doctor tell you now about how many eggs you've produced so far? My next appt is thurs for a bloodwork and ultrasound. Good luck on your appt tomorrow!


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