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My frozen transfer

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  • JudyG JudyG's Avatar 10-30-06 | 12:43 PM

    Well girls I had my trasnfer on Thursday. I had 3 frozen and they thawed two and left me with one frozen. They both survived the thaw and hopefully both are implanting only in my uterus. I asked the dr if he could put a sock on my ovary so nothing got in there this time, but he laughed and said I wish. The two they transferred were an 8/2 and an 8/4 with assisted hatching. I go for my pregnancy test on Monday the 6th. I had bw today for my estrogen level and my progesterone levels, so we will see how those are later today. Keeping my fingers crossed as well as anything else that I can cross. I am finding myself starting to become optimistic about this go round. Thank you for all of your well wishes.
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 10-30-06 | 03:06 PM
  • that's so good to hear! I will cross everything for you too! like my RE always says "think positive"
  • StacyLynn 10-30-06 | 09:13 PM
  • [SIZE=2]Crossing everything for you here too! Good luck!


  • Celia_M 10-31-06 | 05:47 AM
  • Sounds like a great transfer! Good luck!
  • JagsAli JagsAli's Avatar 10-31-06 | 10:31 AM
  • Congrats of the good thaw and great embies....Good luck and keep us posted for sure!!! Rest too!