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  • jjello 09-06-05 | 07:54 PM
  • Hmmm...I thought I replied to this post but it seem sto have gotten lost in cyberspace. I'll try to re write my post:

    Missy I'm so gald the nausea has gone away - I'll bet it was really rotten. I know I don't deal well with nausea - it almost seems like pain is easier to live with than that. And love of food is one of the great pleasures in life for me, right up there with orgasm! ;-)

    Leslie I can't believe you're almost through your fourth month - almost halfway! How far apart are you and Missy agian? I can't remember. Please let us know when you make that transition from feeling "just fat" to having a big pregnant belly. Do you know what month that typically ually happens?

    As for myself, I have an appointment with Dr. Alper in Scarboro this Friday when we'll go over all of my pre-screening tests. It's a three hour drive but at least I can do it in one day instead of staying over, and I'd really like to talk to him in person. It's had to be patient and I'd also really like to know what he thinks of those ovarian cysts....
  • Missy M 09-07-05 | 09:05 AM
  • jjello...I had Dr. Alper also and I really liked him. I felt like he was very thorough with my treatment. When the 1st cycle didn't work, he made some changes to my next cycle (meds mostly) and voila! Are you going to Coastal Women for your appointment? That's where I go for my regular doctor and it was very convenient having Alper come there once a month instead of going to Boston. Dr Alper is a little on the quiet side, so if you have questions fire away! I believe Leslie and I are about 4 weeks apart. As far as showing, I totally think it depends on the person and how many you are carrying. I'm only 3 months and some days I totally look pg (some days I look fat). I think it will not be long before I have a huge belly
    I actually can't wait for it
    My sister had twins and by 3 months she was really showing...their was no mistaking the fact that she was pg. I'm glad I can eat again too because I love food. Meat is still a real challenge (I think I will always have a problem with it throughout this pg) but that's ok because their is plenty that I can eat
    Good luck on friday (I have an appointment their today). Missy
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 09-08-05 | 12:33 AM
  • Missy, it's funny because BP (before pregnancy) I was a total vegan now I can't wait to chomp into a nice big fat juicy steak every Sat. night! I can't stand fish though. My Dh (though he's a currently on my *$(#) list) went hunting for moose this week and I can't wait till he gets one. Weird huh? AND I've never had a piece of bacon, ever, and I LOVE bacon w/pineapple. You still can't tell if I'm pg or fat. People that know me know I'm pg because I was skinny before. Next week will be the start of my 5th month. I can't believe it! I go tomorrow to see my bean. Hope I get to get the offical "well Leslie, it's a girl". I want to start thinking about decorating in case I get laid up. I'm feeling good though. I have to ask my Dr. about a river trip, to see if I can go. Oh, by the way, Dh keeps calling me fat. To be precise "Your ass isn't pg!" Leslie
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 09-08-05 | 12:34 AM
  • PS How did your appt. go??
  • Missy M 09-08-05 | 07:30 PM
  • O.k., first of all dh's in general are asses! Mine calls me a tella tubby (nice)...when he comes home from work he rubs my stomach and says he's rubbing the buda. I have to laugh though because even though it bugs me sometimes, he's right
    My dr appt. went well...very uneventful other than the beloved pap smear
    I heard the heart beats with the doppler (love doing that). I was supposed to have my ultrasound to test for downs syndrome but the sonographer had a family emergency and wasn't there. I am having it next wed. instead. I gained 2 pounds in just 1 week
    At that rate, I should officially be a house by 9 months. I don't even know how much I weigh...I told them that they could tell me gain/losses but that I don't ever want to know how much I weigh
    I'm sure with 2 babies, it won't be pretty. My sister gained over 50 lbs with her twins....ugh! Hope your huby gets a moose so you can have a nice steak
    Have one for me too...I miss not eating meat. Missy