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Need some advice!

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  • Diana888 10-11-17 | 04:20 PM
  • Annette5, you know, I am really glad that this information is useful for you. I want every woman to be happy. That is why I try to share as much useful information for them as I can. I have pretty good life experience, so may help most of the ladies.
    Dear forum visitors! If you have more questions, just ask me. I would be glad to answer your questions. If you need an advice – you are welcome! IVF is a very serious step in life. I know how difficult it is to turn to it. It takes some time to prepare yourself for this step. And the beginning of this long process is the information. It is not so easy to collect all the information you need. And it is true that some women can’t make the decision because of the lack of information. That is why some of them can’t become mothers, and the others turn to surrogacy. Of course it is one more way to make the dream come true. But I think that before turning to surrogacy, ladies need to try other methods. IVF is the best decision. So if somebody needs help, just ask me! I will tell you all the details you need.
    Hope that everybody will be happy. Want to wish you good luck! Be strong and always believe in a success. Positive thinking will help you anyway. Believe in yourself and trust the doctors. Of course, it is important to have support from relatives. Hope that eve woman in here has it. God bless you! Hope everybody will be fine!
  • Anari 11-10-17 | 06:37 AM
  • Hello Anette and Diane. Annette please tell me, why did you decide to look for a clinic abroad? Because of the age restrictions in your country? For example, in our country after 42 years, IVF is allowed only with donor material. But after 50 years, IVF is banned in general, even with donor material. But I can say that you are brave enough woman, because at the age of 45 the chances of successful IVF are decreasing. But I hope that everything will turn out okay for you. But we did IVF in our country, we have not traveled abroad. You know, I'm not yet 42 years old but few cycles of IVF were unsuccessful. I do not hint that the main problem was age. But age is of great importance in this matter. Therefore, do not delay the IVF, because the younger the woman, the greater the probability of a successful cycle of IVF. We were in biotexcom because we were interested in surrogacy. Because in our country we did not have the opportunity to use the service of surrogate motherhood. And this is even provided that we are doing well with finances. But since we have commercial surrogacy illegally, we did not take risks. I already wrote to Diana about this in another topic of this forum. I already said that I started to feel depressed and we went to the clinic. Now our surrogate mother lives in Ukraine. She is 26 years old and she has 2 children, she is divorced. This is very pleased us, we had a priority in women who do not have a husband. They helped us to select surrogate mother at the clinic. Even before we decided on the choice of clinic, I applied an ad for surrogate mother. Many women answered me, but my husband forbade me to correspond with them. He said that this can not be done, since almost all of them are fraudsters. He said that they can blackmail us with an abortion in the future in order to get money from us. And then I was very frightened and decided to abandon this venture. My husband said that the surrogate mother should be selected only from the base clinic. And by the way, how much do I know in Ukraine there are no age restrictions for IVF? Or is there also, after a certain age do IVF with donor material only? We are grateful to the doctors for taking all care to monitor the health of our surrogate mother. Therefore, we do not need all this time is in Ukraine. After all the necessary procedures, we returned to our country. From the clinic, we are constantly sent video reports on the examination of our surrogate mother.
  • veronicamarshel 12-03-17 | 03:04 AM
  • Hi there. How are you? Starting a family is a huge responsibility. Make sure that you are ready for it. If you are ready mentally, it will be more easier for you to get successful results. I can understand your concerns regarding IVF. Each pregnancy is different from other. Even a mother can face issues at her second or third pregnancy, which she has not faced at the time of her first pregnancy. Therefore, I cannot say anything about the medicines. You should ask this from your doctor. He will guide you about the medicines in a better way. He knows about your health so he will guide you accordingly. I will suggest you to have a healthy diet. Drink plenty of water. You need to ask the doctor about your visits to him as I have explained that pregnancies vary from each other. There are no fixed numbers of visits.
  • lyric581 12-03-17 | 02:53 PM
  • Hi Annette. I wish you luck on your IVF journey. I hope it turns out to be the right solution for you. Given your age, conception can be difficult. This is because the ovarian reserve depletes after the age of 40. Also, the quality of the eggs goes down too. This problem can be solved by using donor eggs. IVF is possible with donor eggs too. Ask your doctor to advice on that. Whether you should use donor eggs or your own. Your other question was about time duration. Well, one typical cycle takes 1-3 months. In this time, the eggs are retrieved, they are fertilized and then implanted. Once this is done, you can know the answer in two weeks or so. I hope this answers some of your questions. Good luck!