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need your advice (IVF)

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  • GigiH 03-25-18 | 12:54 PM
  • Hi @Lisa03. I am glad you asked this. Many women here will get help from the answers to your questions. I would rather ask a doctor about these things before here, though. Anyways, you are right that many clinics will have same procedure, but not all. IVF is a technology and many clinics are not eligible to carry this out successfully. I suggest you find a clinic that has some good reviews. As for the price, it varies from country to country more than from clinic to clinic. Most clinics in the US demand a lot. I could not afford the ones in my country for the surrogacy I went for. I flew to Europe because it had much more affordable ranges. And that too, only a few selected countries. The IVF procedure was very properly carried out there. Well, I had surrogacy there. The staff was very professional and friendly. The staff will be able to guide you on the medication. You will get medication prescribed depending on your physical tests, though.
  • barbara123 05-30-18 | 08:51 AM
  • Hello girls, my friends were also in Ukraine in BioTexCom. They are going to use the surrogacy. They found out a lot about the clinic thanks to their Youtube channel. In fact, finding a good clinic is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.
    My friends were determined for a long time with the choice of clinic.
    But they made the final decision only after the initial consultation.
    In any case, you should find a good doctor who can answer all your questions.
    I wish you patience and strength to deal with your problem.