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  • phoebe 07-16-08 | 03:43 PM
  • I meant to post this on this message board, but I think it went to a general message board (it's my first posting!!!) so I am posting it again here...

    Hi. Just joined this message board and am trying to conceive by insemination. I have been searching out donors while going through the rigorous workup with my RE (I think that how y'all refer to your reproductive endocrinologists). My RE recommended 4 banks, but I have found a good donor at Cryos. Has anyone used this bank before? Sounds like an established bank in Denmark but new to the US. Any thoughts or experience with this bank would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, I am 40 and so I am really diving in- doing everything- to try and make this work. I am going to acupuncture twice weekly starting 3 weeks ago. My first insemination will be in approx 10 days. My acupuncturist has recommended twice weekly treatments for 8 weeks. How long have you all done acupuncture? Should I keep going beyond 8 weeks? I will talk to the acupunturist again as well, but we have a little language barrier issue. Thoughts on acupuncture would be appreciated as well.
  • crazyanimallady 07-16-08 | 09:37 PM
  • I am using north West Andrology & cryobank.. they are very helpful, Answered all my questions on the phone and were very understanding of all my concerns. I have not got the BFP yet but we will try again. We are doing the at home insim and they sent along all the materials we need to do it at home along with phone consultations on any questions I had.. This is the bank i will stick with
    hope this helps
  • flygirl 07-22-08 | 04:37 PM
  • I am using a known donor and going to acupuncture once a week. I should be doing my first insemination any day now. I would keep going with the acupunture even into pregnancy. Mine says they are able to help with morning sickness. She said maybe to back off on treatments right after insemination, and then start up again if I get a BFN. Good luck to you!
  • dianiewill dianiewill's Avatar 08-18-08 | 05:24 PM
  • I am thinking about using MidWest Sperm Bank and doing it at home. What kinds of situations should I look out for? How do I make sure they are reputable? Are there licenses or certifications to ask about?

    I previously did two IUF attempts in the drs office, and although there was nothing problematic to be found did not conceive. My RE used a bank in Birmingham Michigan and they put us through a very rigorous educational type process (watch the video made by donor children, fill out mountains of paperwork, do lots of blood and physical tests, etc.)The first time I made an attempt, I was sick to start with and ended up with bronchitis then pneumonia and did not conceive. The next time two months later I tried once with one vial and did not conceive. This was covered ONCE by my insurance, and after that it got/still gets VERY expensive. I am hoping the at home attempts through MidWest would be a more affordable option. I did have to get a doctor to sign off, and although my RE wouldnt do it my GP did.
    I do want to make sure MidWest is completely above board and ethical.

    I am also 40 years old and planning on an attempt in late Aug or late Sept 2008. I have never done acupuncture but am trying to eat better and be more physically active.

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