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new member starting IVF with ICSI, any help?

new member starting IVF with ICSI, any help?

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  • Crissy77 07-06-05 | 07:21 PM
  • Leslie,
    I can understand what you mean about being surprised that it wasn't twins, after all the doctors seemed so positive.....HOWEVER you are blessed with your little angel so that's all that matters!
    Sounds like you're feeling good....I LOVE fruit, milk and CHOCOLATE!
    So I would'nt mind being on that diet. As long as you're not feeling any nausea. (And the added size to the boob thing is a good symptom too!
    Your kind words are really helping me to stay calm about all of this (so far anyway) I don't start the shots until Saturday so I guess I have a few more days to prepare myself. I'm starting the Lupron anyway, and you said that, that was an easy one right??
    It just seems that this whole IVF cycle thing takes so long. About how long is it anyway, the doctors were never really clear about that. My period started on June 28, so today is only day 9......when do you think the retrieval will be?? Okay feel good, talk to you soon.

    P.S. On saturday they are going to take a blood test, but I've been on birth control since day three so do you know what levels they will be measuring? Thanks

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  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 07-07-05 | 12:58 PM
  • Crissy, I'm not sure if that's the prescribed diet but it's what I like
    Lupron is the easy one and once you get good at that the rest will be a sinch. I'm not sure what blood test they're giving you maybe a FSH (follicle stymulating hormone?) Are you harvesting your own eggs? I got poked in the arm so many times through all this I can't remember what tests they do when...I had two AIDS tests ($520 bucks!) Hepititis, ruebella, lupus, coagulants, kidney function, the list just goes on and on. I think I spent about $2K just on blood tests. DH has to do some too. Once you start your Lupron it will all seem to go much quicker. I'm not sure exactly what you're doing but it will seem to fly once you start your shots. It's like ticking off the days till Xmas. Good luck, you'll do great. Leslie
  • jenf 07-07-05 | 10:51 PM
  • Since there's some new members, I wanted to introduce myself too. My name is Jen and I just turned 31 on July 2nd.
    My husband and I have been trying for 6 years. I had my first IVF back in 2000, then again in 2001, and April 2005 and most recently this past Friday...none have worked so far. Having to be on bedrest on your b-day is no fun. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in 2000. As mentioned on a previous "thread", I find out on Wednesday, the 13th, if this time worked. Time is flying, so that's not the problem But like Missy, I've analyzed every SINGLE thing I feel in my body. I've had bad cramps (as though I'm getting my period), but they've gotten better, my breasts are tender (but they're tender when I get my period too), so who knows! I'm actually overanalyzing things. Just the other night I couldn't stop crying, because I thought "why me"?! As hard as it is to accept things in life aren't always fair (all of us can attest to that), I have to keep in mind that things could be worse. Although I just discovered this website earlier this week, I want you guys to know how grateful I am that I'm able to share things with women that are experiencing the same things I'm going through (Yes, I'm crying as I'm writing this. I'm so emotional).
    If I hear one more time from someone who hasn't experienced infertility....."Just don't think about getting pregnant and it will happen"....I'll have to scream!

    Have a good night you guys!
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 07-07-05 | 11:42 PM
  • Well we have to think about it then do something about it. But hey, you're only 31! I'm 40 and just PG!!! You'll get there. Don't give up and keep your chin up. Positive attitude is 80%, I'm telling you. Yout talk to those embies and tell them to stick this time. Tell them a lot and just relax. Cramps are normal and all the books say that it feels like you're about to get your period when you're pg. YOU have a good night. Put your feet up and watch happy movies (do not watch Steel Magnolias) and try and smile. Leslie
  • Crissy77 07-08-05 | 08:59 AM
  • Hi Jen,
    I'm Crissy....first of all, LISTEN TO LESLIE!
    She knows what she's talking about, I just started talking to her last week and I already feel like I have a new friend and feel a lot better!
    I just started my IVF cycle and it's scary but thinking positive is definitely important. This is a great place to vent, cry and ask questions too, so use it!!
    You'll feel better knowing that you're talking to a bunch of girls who know exactly what you're feeling.
    Just make sure you take care of yourself, and try to be calm. Pamper yourself for the next week! Go get a pedicure or buy one of those sleezy tabloids and just sit, down relax and try to get your mind off things for at least a little while. Crying sometimes help me, but my rule is that if I'm going to cry I have to make sure to laugh right after!! You know what they say about laughter being good medicine. Keep your eye on the prize!!
    Good luck, and take care!

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