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Premenstrual Cramp my #$&)&)!!!

Premenstrual Cramp my #$&)&)!!!

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  • bonnie bonnie's Avatar 12-22-05 | 08:27 PM
  • I've heard The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy is good too....I have lots of reading to do I guess....
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 12-22-05 | 09:51 PM
  • Girlfriend's Guide is funny. I try not to overwhelm myself with negative material. Doesn't do any good anyway. You'll find your favorite books. I've gotten a TON of books for Xmas. Yikes! L
  • Missy M 12-22-05 | 09:52 PM
  • I'm pathetic....I haven't read a single pregnancy book! When my sister and best friend were pg. they read lots of books and got all weird and paranoid. Now if their kids aren't doing things when the books say they should, they freak out thinking something's wrong. So I decided to go the opposite route. I figured that my mom didn't read a bunch of stuff on child birth and we turned out just fine
    I do have a pg. calendar though so I can see what my peanuts look like week to week.
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 12-22-05 | 11:57 PM
  • I probably wouldn't read any either but I'm bored! I can only watch so much tv. AND I hardly get any channels. Oh well. I'm on count down 3 1/2 weeks till they take my stitch out!!! Woohoo! L
  • Celia_M 12-23-05 | 12:13 PM
  • ok so i just got caught up on this thread, wrote out a long reply and managed to accidentally hit "backspace" and loose it all! Grrrrrrr! here goes again.....

    I'm so sorry the nurses were unsympathetic to you Leslie
    I really hope you don't have any more like that. I was lucky in that my bh's were painless - just uncomfy, my stomach would simply go rock solid hard for a while. Sounds like you've got your pain-relief management plans all sussed out too
    Would blow if you had to go through a really painful labour after all you've been through up to it! I'm lucky to have a high pain threshold, plus for me things progressed steadily. I had an excrutiating egg collection though (the meds I got were total c*** by comparison to what you girls get over there! Plus I had a bad reaction to what they gave me. If I'm ever insane enough to try this again I'm demanding total unconsciousness for the eggs bit !!) so my labour felt so much easier by comparison painwise (longer, harder work, but way less painful!!) When your time comes I'm really prayng it will be smooth and easy for you. I'm getting so excited for you already!!

    I got the girlfriends guide free in a baby mag towards the end of my pg and loved it!

    Bonnie your dh may surprise you - I know mine did me. He was convinced for so long that babies were born all pink and clean looking
    didn't think he'd be able to cope with it all at all. I think that's very common in men though - not a luxury we get!! You could always investigate a doula - nothing to loose after all. I used to watch a programme over here about doula's and I swear they semed to spend as much time helping the dads! I laugh at dh now - he looks more exhausted in the photos than I do - And HE'd had some sleep during the whole thing!! MEN!!! I made him stay at the top end of things throughout though, refused to let him see me being stitched up afterwards, or look at them. I had to maintain as much dignity as I could! (he always teased me on my grooming routine pre clinic appointments until I pointed out that it's very hard to stay in anyway dignified through all that so he should let me do whatever I wanted to in advance! then he shut up!) I'm glad I didn't let him see anything too now, it's proving hard enough to get things back on track as is - I've completely forgoten what it is to be or feel sexy
    I associate down there with all the wrong kinds of poking about now it seems. He's being patient though. Think I'm going to have to indulge in some wine first.....

    Missy so exciting that you have the cribs all set up now! Sory that you're so uncomfy and not sleeping well though

    at the legs and toes. I was mean and made dh do my toes - he was better at it than I'd dared hope - but then a) he was probably terrified I'd make him do it again and b) I couldn't really see what he'd done too well anyway!

    Argh can't remember what else I said originally... talk about mushy brain! Sorry to anyone I've missed out!!

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