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Probable Cancelled Cycle

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  • StacyLynn 11-27-05 | 12:17 AM
  • If you don't continue do you still get another "free" cycle with the study you're a part of? If yes, then maybe a cancel is good and you can start over with a higher dosage of stims. If not, then I'd say go forward even if it was only a few eggies. I had 3 eggs/ 3 fertilized the 1st time and they put them all back in. Of course it was a bfn, but they still did it and it could work for you. You're right, you do have some big decisions. Sending you some good decision making vibes!! Hang tough chickie, we can do this.
  • Missy M 11-27-05 | 11:08 AM
  • I totally agree with Stacy....If this cycle is your only try, fight for it! Even if you only get a few eggs (what have you got to lose). Those few eggs could go on to produce beautiful babies
    Good luck tomorrow...hope things are looking up for you. Let us know how it goes. Missy
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 11-27-05 | 06:08 PM
  • Well we're all shooting for miracles here so.....! My Dr. said I have no cervix left and I'm just stitch so will try and hang on but expect to be deliving soon. More miracles needed! Good luck Julie, it will work out somehow. You should hear some of the remarkable stuff around here. They don't tell me the bad news stuff though. Guess that's for the best for now. Leslie
  • jjello 11-28-05 | 12:34 AM
  • Just wanted to thank you ladies again - you really made me feel so much better and I feel like I can walk away from the ultasound tomorrow and accept whatever the results may be. Whatever happens, things will work out and I'll be OK. (shhh - I've been having little ovary twinges all day so you never know...!) :-)

  • JagsAli JagsAli's Avatar 11-28-05 | 10:30 AM
  • Julie-
    Good luck today, let us know how it goes. I was a really slow starter too, I thought they would cancel, but didn't I had 4 eggs retrieved, 3 embies fertilized and now I am pg w/ 1 healthy baby, so far. So miracles do happen....maybe you grew alot over the weekend. I will be thinking of you today. Leslie! what is up? no more cervix? so any idea on when you will deliever? I am praying for you girl. Hang in there.
    Love Allison

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