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Probable Cancelled Cycle

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  • Missy M 11-30-05 | 10:44 PM
  • Yeah Julie
    glad to hear that you won't be cancelled. I knew your little follies just needed some time and encouragement. Can't wait to hear how many you get. By the way, had many gushers of my own. They don't hurt, but a little scary when it happens
  • Celia_M 12-01-05 | 06:23 AM
  • Julie that's Fantastic news!! Sending you another follie dance for good measure!
    Good Luck for the retrieval.
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 12-02-05 | 01:52 AM
  • Well Julie, you just crack me up. I knew you were giong to be good all the time! First you had the stupid cyst, then the surgery, then the slower growers but a growin' they are!! You're a little fighter and that's what it takes to go through all this stuff! I hope you go on Sunday cuz I really don't have anything going on this weekend and will LOVE to hear your good news post! Good luck we're all rooting for you. Leslie