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? RE: FET and IVIG

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  • Mary-Ellen Mary-Ellen's Avatar 03-05-08 | 02:29 PM
  • My Beta is Friday March 14th....I'm doing pretty good. I've had worse 2ww's...but it's still early
    Thanks for the well wishes!
  • Celia_M 03-16-08 | 05:02 PM
  • Just wondering how you are
  • Mary-Ellen Mary-Ellen's Avatar 03-25-08 | 10:16 AM
  • Hi ladies, it was a negative unfortunatley.

    I am doing alright. I was dissapointed but I still have 3 more frozen embryos to try. I also keep rememinding myself how lucky I am to have my little girl, and that helps. I just hope we can give her a sibling one day. We are taking a break for the summer and trying a Frozen embryo transfer in the early fall.

    I want to wish everyone success and I hope everyone's dreams come true!
    Thanks for the support! Take care everyone!
  • Celia_M 04-01-08 | 07:06 AM

    so sorry it was a -ive.
    I hope you have a lovely summer break.