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    Research Participants Wanted

    At RMA, research studies are always underway as we work to find innovative, safe and effective solutions for infertility. The following studies are currently being conducted, and patient enrollment is encouraged.

    If you are interested in any of the RMA studies or have questions, please call Kathleen Giordano at (973) 656-2864 for more information

    IVF Treatment Study

    RMA is currently conducting a research study to look at several standard treatment combinations and determine if one combination produces better results than the other two standards.

    We need participants for this study - women, aged 40 and under with regular menstrual cycles are invited. Patients will receive complimentary stimulating drugs (Follistim and Antagon) and $1,000 reduction of IVF charges.

    Advanced IVF Treatment Study

    RMA is currently conducting a research study to determine whether genetic screening of embryos will further enhance the odds of a successful pregnancy in women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF). "This study is one of the first to combine two recent advances in infertility treatment - pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and blastocyst transfer - to increase the chances of pregnancy with low multiple births using the fewest, healthiest embryos," said Richard T. Scott, MD, who pioneered and directs the study.

    We need participants for this study - women, aged 38 and under with regular menstrual cycles are invited. Patients will receive complimentary medication, $1,000 reduction of IVF charges, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and PGD, if randomized to the PGD group.

    IVF Sperm Study

    Factors that influence male infertility are not always understood and have not been fully characterized. Although sperm count, morphology and motility are important; they cannot always predict the ability of sperm to initiate a pregnancy. Since human male fertility cannot always be judged by semen analysis alone, a practical test for the clinical of male fertility is desirable. A number of new tests have been designed to aid clinicians in differentiating, identifying, and understanding male factor related problems, which may affect pregnancy rates. None have been adequately evaluated to date.

    RMA is performing a study to determine if any of these new tests have true value in helping couples identify the cause of their infertility and ultimately directing more effective treatment. All IVF patients including recipients are invited to participate. A standard semen analysis and anti-sperm antibodies will be done along with these tests at no charge to you or your insurance company.

    The costs of all of these tests (several thousand dollars per sample) are being paid for by a grant that RMA has received. Participation involves signing a consent form and providing a single semen sample for analysis. All results will be kept confidential and the semen analysis and anti-sperm antibodies can be used for your IVF screening. All test results will be available after the study is completed and will not influence your care

    Happiness Study

    How happy are you today? Is this related to your fertility treatment? How do emotional factors and infertility treatment effect each other?


    We are trying to learn more.

    RMA is conducting one of the first large scale prospective research study to examine the relationship between psychological factors and infertility treatment.

    We are excited to participate in an important clinical research study being done in collaboration with the Dr. Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center. The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of psychological factors, if any, on the outcome of assisted reproductive techniques for infertility treatment. To date, there have been very few prospective studies examining psychological factors such as optimism, happiness and depression in IVF patients. We believe there is a need for investigation in this area.

    All IVF patients including recipients and egg donors will be invited to participate. All of your medical information will remain at RMA and will not be accessible to the research team from the University of Penn. All questionnaire responses will be coded by unique number and then scored. No personal identifying information (name, etc) or other information will be sent outside of RMA. All results will be kept confidential at all times.

    If you have any questions about this study please contact the

    Research nurses: Monica Benson (973) 656-2841 and Kathleen

    Giordano (973) 656-2864 or Angela Duckworth via email at the

    University of Pennsylvania at

    RMA is pleased to announce the appointment of Allison Styne-Gross, MD to our medical staff
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    Download information about The Foundation for Advanced Reproductive Science (FARS)
    RMA is now a participating provider for Oxford Health Plans
    RMA is pleased to announce the appointment of Allison Styne-Gross, MD to our medical staff

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