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tell me about femara

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  • alicia67 alicia67's Avatar 12-26-04 | 09:41 PM
  • Stacy's post got me thinking that maybe I should talk to my doctor about this drug. I only have two cycles left if 12/31 ends with a BFN so I need to maximize my chances!

  • StacyLynn 12-26-04 | 10:10 PM
  • Hey Alicia
    After I read Jules' post this month on her success with Femara I tried to find info about it. I also looked up message boards about Femara. What I came up with is this:
    - Its really for breast cancer but it's now being used the same way clomid is
    - It's not suppose to have the same side effects (hot flashes, mood swings - which I got from clomid)
    - It's only suppose to stay in your system for the time your taking it not for weeks like clomid
    - It doesn't have the detremental (sp ?) effect on your lining like clomid can

    As a bonus, it's covered by insurance (we have to pay for everything out of pocket - no infertility coverage from either of our companies

    I just think that having only 1 follicle a month is not really helping. I mean if I'm on the clomid I'll suffer through the side effects if it's working, but I can make 1 follicle all on my own. So that's why I'm going to try it. Not trying to "convert" you or anything! lol
  • alicia67 alicia67's Avatar 12-27-04 | 06:19 AM
  • Thanks Stacy- If this month doesn't work, I'm planning to take a month break so that will give me time to talk with my doctor etc. It sounds great- I would LOVE (and so would dh) to put an end to the clomid insanity. The mood swings are horrendous!
  • Jules8 12-27-04 | 06:49 AM
  • Hi Alicia--
    Well first don't give up on this month. I still have hope that you and I are going to get great NY news. Trying to stay positive anyway.

    On to Femara. I got pg twice on Clomid and it wasn't too hard on me. But this "round" of ttc I had blown through 6 cycles of Clomid and no BFP. So when I went for a cycle review my RE told me about Letrazole/Femara. He is a renound RE and had been doing a lot of research on it and thought it had a lot of potential. So w/ faith in him I offered to be the guinea pig. I found a board called TTC on Femara and did some research. As w/ any fertility drug it has it's risks. But from what I hear Femara is the new Clomid in Canada. Anyway I had been doing weekly accupuncture which has helped amazingly. So not sure if it was the drug or teh treatments or both. But my lining went from 8.2 I-M pattern to a perfect 11 M pattern. I had 3 (really 2) symmetrical follies at cd12 (22 and 19 and 17). I had no mood swings or hot flashes...just wanted to eat chocolate. :-)

    I won't know for a couple of days if it worked. If it didn't then I'll take Jan off and then try Femara in Feb. For me it is an in between try before going to injectibles. I am not super in to trying injectibles for ME because I was on a lot of those when I did IVF and they did not agree with me. Also I don't want the risk of having a ton of mature follicles like 5 or 6. 2-3 is more my speed.

    Anyway I'll let you guys know if it worked. But in the mean time I definitely think that it's worth investigating. As w/ any new drug it was a little frightening since I read it was for post-menopausal breast cancer patients. But it leaves your system after 24 hours versus weeks like Clomid.

    that you get your BFP and won't have to worry about all this crap!!!
  • Jules8 12-27-04 | 06:50 AM
  • Also why are we online at 5-something am???

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