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U/S not good

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  • TNBabyRN TNBabyRN's Avatar 10-11-05 | 07:03 PM
  • I had my first u/s today and the news is not good. There was only an empty gestational sac, no baby. They drew my blood again to recheck my HCG and want me to come back next week for another u/s. I asked the RE if it could have just been a really late implanter and he said maybe, but not likely. The sac only measured 4w5d and by dates I should be 6w2d. I've had a bad feeling about this pg from the beginning. I think my gut knew. I am sad. I want to just get this over with so we can try again.
  • AMomInLove AMomInLove's Avatar 10-11-05 | 07:24 PM

    Hoping things are simply earlier than first thought!!!
  • smking17 10-12-05 | 03:00 PM
  • So sorry to hear the news. I hope that things resolve soon and that you are able to try again very soon, if things don't work out this time.

    Thinking of you,
  • glinda glinda's Avatar 10-12-05 | 05:22 PM
  • I'm so sorry. Keep that positive attitude. It's the only way to get through these tough times.

    Thinking of you.
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 10-13-05 | 07:21 PM
  • I'm so sorry!! This is really disappointing and I know you are heartbroken. I'm sending you a