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Uh Oh?

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  • jjello 08-26-05 | 11:03 PM
  • Well we had a lightning-quick trip down to Boston - it wasn't a date with DH after all, as his daughter came down with us to do some school shopping, which was fine by me - she's 16 and so much fun to shop with and we love to look at all the girly things while DH patiently holds our purchases....

    As for the bloodwork and ultrasound, I won't get any official conclusions until I meet with the doctor in about two weeks or so, but here's the thing - the sonographer mentioned that she saw two cysts, one of which was 5 centimeters large (2") - surprise! I am pretty bummed and there's no one informed I can talk to - I can't even call down there because tomorrow is Saturday. I know ovarian cysts are pretty common but I'm now worried that I'll be disqualified from the drug trial, or that if I got in would I have a greater chance of developing OHSS...will I need to have these things looked at or removed, will my insurance cover it, and on and on....ugh! I feel like I've just opened an awful can of worms.

    I'm trying really hard not to jump to any conclusions and not obsess or read TOO much information on the net. I've never had any symptoms and have always been pretty regular in my cycles. Sigh.

    Has anyone here had experience with this? Am I freaking out about nothing? I'd really be grateful for any information.....

  • glinda glinda's Avatar 08-27-05 | 06:29 AM
  • I developed a 40 mm cyst when I was on clomid. It ended up delaying AF. I took provera for a few days and then it burst. I also started acupuncture for the first time when the cyst was discovered. My next AF was a little weird and I believe the acupuncture got my cycles back on track.

    Usually, drs prescribe birth control pills when cysts pop up. BCPs are also used during IVF cycles so maybe the cyst didn't ruin your shot at the drug trial.

    Good Luck.

    P.S. Your b/w results may be off due to the cyst. You'll know this if your fsh is low and your E2 is high.
  • Missy M 08-27-05 | 09:59 AM
  • I don't know whether it will mess up your chances with the trial but as for IVF, I think you will be fine. Both cycles for me I had cysts and they always burst on their own. I never asked how big they were, but when they were measuring my follicles, the cysts were mistaken a few times for egg follicles. One day they were there and large and the next they had popped
    I wouldn't worry yourself too much...wait and see what the doc says
    Sorry your date was canceled
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 08-27-05 | 11:42 AM
  • I wouldn't worry either. I always had cysts but after acupuncture they were gone. I think it's pretty common. I do have a friend that couldn't get pg so she had her cysts removed and viola, next month she was all knocked up. Think of it this way, it should make their trial that much more of a challenge for them!
  • jjello 08-28-05 | 10:50 AM
  • You guys are wonderful!!! Thanks so much for your encouragement - I've been trying so hard to be positive and reading your responses helps keep things a little more in perspective.

    DH adn I are now off to do some blackberry picking! Enjoy your Sundays....

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