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  • jalove 04-05-06 | 10:50 PM
  • Hi everyone, it's been awhile since I talked to anyone. I see a lot has changed since I have been off-line. Well let me quickly update you all. I put my search on hold do to a job lay-off. i just recently started a new career, and found out today that my health insurance will cove Artificial and intrauterine insemination procedures 80% a lifetime maximum benefit of $10,000 for medical services and $10,000 for prescriptions drugs. This is very uplifting (I think) since I haven't been diagnosed actually what's going on in my body i still have some hope. Just thought I would ask. isn't Artificial insemination the same as IVF. My OBGYN says my tubes are blocked so doesn't that mean I would have to do IVF. Like I said I haven't see anyone yet. We blocking out the calendar for this fall now that I found a job and things are back to normal. We are going to see Dr. Lisa Erickson at the Center of Reproductive Medicine in MPLS. Take care everyone. Talk to you again.

  • bonnie bonnie's Avatar 04-06-06 | 03:11 PM
  • I understand that A.I. is turkey baster style and that you would still need working tubes to get the egg moved from the ovary to the uterus...I had blocked tubes and had to do IVF. With IVF the tubes are bypassed. In fact, my tubes were completely removed before the procedure. It is great that your insurance will pay so much! Good luck to you!
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 04-06-06 | 08:56 PM
  • Thats great that your covered 80% mine is the same was! I see a RE in Chaska MN but if things dont work soon she is going to send me to MPLS! I have heard great things about the Center of Reproductive Medicine. I hope it works out for you!
  • tichatte tichatte's Avatar 04-06-06 | 11:39 PM
  • Congrats on things working out. Bonnie is right about the AI, you need tubes for this to work, I am another that suffered tubal issues and had to do IVF, but where there's a will there's a way, praying things continue to come up sunshine for you.