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  • jalove 04-11-07 | 07:14 PM
  • Hope all is well for everyone!! Today is stim day 7 my dr is monitoring me very closely due to large number of follicles he has lowered my doses and said I'm at risk for OHSS. Has any one be threw this? My dr is not going to cancel the cycle because he feels he can control it with lower the dose. I have researched OHSS and it sounds like it can get pretty bad. any advise??

    Ja love
  • JudyG JudyG's Avatar 04-12-07 | 10:37 AM
  • I had that with my third cycle of IVF. Well they thought I would OHSS, but I didn't. THey lowerd my doses and I did fine. Just do EVERYTHING they tell you to do even after your retreival!!!!!!!!!!! Drink lots of gaterade. Something with the electrolytes helps to use the fluid that your follicles produce after retrevial. Good luck I will check back with you. When is your retrieval and transfer scheduled???
  • dianelynn77 dianelynn77's Avatar 04-12-07 | 02:57 PM
  • my sister had that her second cycle, and they still followed threw, she now has 15 month old TWINS, i thonk its a higher risk of multiples when they still do it? i would ask? good luck, and keep us posted
  • jalove 04-13-07 | 08:32 PM
  • Hi- I had an ultrasound today I still have several follicles 4 witch are 16's three 20's and a ton of 14's. I have another ultrasound tomorrow hopefully those 14's because 15's or larger, then my Retrieval will be on Monday. Today my estradiol jumped to 2986 witch they say is high.

    Thanks for listening

  • Celia_M 04-14-07 | 05:20 AM
  • Sounds great!! Will keep my fingers crossed that those 14's become 15's for you
    Wishing you a smooth retrieval.