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we're going to try for ivf #2!

we're going to try for ivf #2!

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  • jlynn1313 jlynn1313's Avatar 07-28-09 | 04:26 PM
  • That is crazy awesome! So you concieved on your own? Im so happy for you. Keep us up to date. k?
    God bless.
  • nqhappy1 11-08-12 | 12:58 AM
  • Most of the IVF trigger drugs are hormone replacement types, so you can expect 2 - 3 months before their effect is completely gone.

    Best of luck in round 2!
  • Lisaclark123 08-12-17 | 02:52 AM
  • Hi welcome dear. I am sorry for your failed IVF treatment. You should handle this critical situation with positive affirmation and positive attitude toward life. There are various cases when IVF treatment failed but you should not lose hope. You should understand the cause of failure of your IVF treatment and provide reliable steps to cure it permanently to enjoy baby gift in your life like me. The first and foremost thing I want to say you to reduce stress and depression at this stage. I can understand your physical and mental stage at this time. It is medical proven fact that stress and depression are responsible for miscarriage and failure of IVF technique.
    I found this great opportunity in my life to help you on behalf of my own life experience. I accept to get full cooperation from my husband to handle this critical situation in easy and effective way. We have strong bonding to understand each other feeling and emotion very well. Now I am happy and healthy enjoy baby gift that complete my dream into reality. We consult with the popular gynecologist of Ukraine to understand main cause of this problem. You should understand each and every signal of your body. Pregnancy is very unforgettable moment of women’s life. You should not take it lightly. You should understand own duty and right to manage it professional. You should follow each step with safety and security that is beneficial for you and your baby. You should live healthy lifestyle with balance diet that is profitable for you in many ways. It’s time to programming for next IVF treatment with hundred percent successes like me.
  • kellyK123456 08-22-17 | 10:29 AM
  • Hello, nice to hear that you are opting for this technique. I can totally understand how you are feeling on the failure of your first IVF, but i am sure you will be happy to hear my success story of In Vitro Fertilization. I was also in a state of deep depression when my doctor declared me infertile. I have done my In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) from a clinic in Kiev. My husband only searched for this clinic in Ukraine. After we visited them they suggested me the In Virtro Fertilization (IVF) technique, and currently, i am a happy mother of a healthy and beautiful baby. My gynecologist was so good and helpful that she cleared all my doubts on IVF. She told me that one in every seven couples suffer from infertility. The procedure of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a real hope for many infertile couples who desire for children. In this procedure what my gynecologist told me was that the women, is injected with hormones so that she can stimulate her ovaries to produce as many eggs as possible in a single cycle. Then the matured eggs are removed through transvaginal aspiration or even a small surgery. Then, the sperm is collected from the man through simple masturbation. The egg is placed in the sperm to create embryos. Once the fertilization takes place one or more embryos are transferred into woman’s uterus in a hope that any one of them will implant successfully. Thus the whole process is simple but takes time. The implantation varies from women to women. I got success on my fourth attempt. You can surely tell find inspiration from my IVF success story. It’s the best way anyone can feel the motherhood. I can surely say it’s the best technique as compared to surrogacy. I hope you get positivity from my story.
  • magicunicorn 08-31-17 | 07:12 AM
  • Quote de lbentow

    Well, my IVF #1 was in late Jan early Feb and my period came on Feb. 23rd (a day before my bday!). So, I went to meet with another ivf doctor and he said for me to do another ivf cycle, i had to wait for another period to come/start before doing it again. So, my period (the one that started on 2/23) lasted for about 7 days. I was waiting and waiting for my next period and when it was late, I finally broke down and took a pregnancy test. Well, it came out positive!!!

    I totally couldn't believe it so I called the obgyn the next day and they scheduled me in for an appt in the next week or so. I took about 7 pregnancy tests, all different brands just to make sure it was real.

    Now, I'm 21 wks pregnant and dh and I are keeping the gender a surprise. We are just so happy that it finally happened to us.

    Good luck on your first ivf! I was devastated when it didn't work for us because I was so sure it would. It was definately an emotional roller coaster ride.

    That's great news Lucy! Congratulations on your pregnancy!
    I had my second IVF cycle last week so I'm on the horrible waiting.
    Hope I will get a BFP this time! I'm terribly anxious, trying to relax with no success :S

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