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What should I do with my Xytex donor sperm? (children mentioned)

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Old 11-02-06, 04:11 PM
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Default What should I do with my Xytex donor sperm? (children mentioned)

Hello friends on the DITTC board!!! I still try to keep up with many of you although I don't post much here anymore. DP and I tried DITTC for almost 4 years with a very popular Canadian Xytex donor (AFL4592). We started with IUI's and quickly moved to IVF. After years of frustration and when my insurance help ran out, we started to explore adoption a little more carefully. We originally started out with the choice of adoption, but naively thought it would cost us $30K+ and thought that since we had IUI/IVF insurance coverage that it would be the more frugal way of becoming mommies. Dec. 2004 our little Shaye came to us (through fost/adopt) and then in Dec. 2005 our beautiful Naia came to us (also through fost/adopt) and Shaye's birthmom is pg and due in January and we are hoping and praying that CPS steps in and that baby finds his/her way home to us.

So, now we are faced with a huge dilema. We still have 7 frozen embies from our many fresh IVF cycles and will keep them around for a few years while we decide what to do with them. However, we also have 5 vials of Xytex donor AFL4592 who was a very, very, very sought after popular donor due to his open identity, adult photo, and baby photo. As we were wrapping up our TTC efforts, I believe Xytex Canada went out of business due to the new donor laws in the country which meant that AFL4592 would not be donating anymore.

I really need some friendly advice on what to do with these 5 vials since there is no way that we will ever be using it. If we ever do attempt to TTC again it will be with our 7 remaining embies and I was only keeping the sperm around because we could have possibly combined an IUI with an FET and up'd our chances. Also, my RE reminded me that since my new insurance covered 50% of IUI's we could get a lot of our lab work and ultrasounds covered. That sounded great until we got our first annual bill of $350 to keep the sperm in storage. We don't want to pay this fee and because of this new crazy storage fee that our clinic is charging it will basically cancel out any savings we may have had with the IUI/FET combo. Does anybody know if the Donor Sibling Registry has an area to offer donor vials? I hate the thought of just thawing it and discarding it since he was so in demand. I also thought that these 5 vials might really help somebody out with a sibling since he is no longer available. Does anybody know if Xytex would want it back (maybe we could get a partial refund?). It's been in our RE's cryotank for years, so it's been in good hands.

HELP! What do you guys think? I'm also going to post this on the PG after DIUI board.
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Old 11-02-06, 04:32 PM
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You know, I think they do have a place to list extra vials. I remember looking over the lists of donors (looking for ours of course) and seeing some with symbols next to them which denoted whether people were looking for donor vials or had donor vials to offer. That was a year or more ago though. Not sure what's there now.

BTW, I was on the boards back when you were TTC via DIUI and remember what a hard time you had. I'm very happy for you that you finally got your girls and wish you the best.
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Old 11-02-06, 04:47 PM
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can you sell them on ebay?
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Old 11-02-06, 05:25 PM
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Karen i don't think that is allowed I think it would be considered body parts
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Old 11-02-06, 07:32 PM
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You can post that you have vials, or even e-mail anyone registered at DSR who has used that donor to let them know you have vials available. You could be answering someone's prayers!

In order to post there though you now must be a member at the cost of $40
but if you e-mail Wendy she may let you post that you have vials for free.

I have 10 vials and paying for storage in two different locations, so I can relate. I think I may switch to TTC via BF (maybe DH soon) though so I am not sure what I am going to do with my vials.
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