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2004 Roll Call Print Version

~babydoll~ 02-01-04 08:15 AM

2004 Roll Call
Ok ladies, it's time to find out who's with us for the new year.

Please share (if you're comfortable):
Name and Age
DH, DP, SO or single?

How long have you been TTC via DI? / how many tries?
TTC issues?
Current Protocol?

Anything else you would like to share?

alicia67 02-01-04 09:05 AM

Alicia age 36
DH Mike dx with Azoospermia
In the 2WW of attempt number 7 Started DICI June 2003.

Kyle'sMommy 02-01-04 09:50 AM

Peggy age 36
DH Gary vasectomy from previous marriage
In 2ww of first home DI

~babydoll~ 02-01-04 10:19 AM

I'm Monique, I'll be 35 in May. :wow:
I live in South Florida with my wonderful DH Ron. :heart:

We have been TTC via DI since June 2001, but have only done 10 cycles.
TTC issues: DH's vasectomy from his previous marriage is the reason we're doing DI. I've had 4 m/cs and have been Dx with abnormal NK cell levels, atypical PCOS and elevated Protein C, a blood clotting risk factor.
Current protocol: 3 amps Bravelle/day, baby aspirin, IVIg for NK cells monthly, Metformin for PCOS, progesterone suppositories, and Heparin 2x daily when I get pg again.

Anything else: I think I would be in the funny farm without the support of everyone here. Thank you! :hugs:

doglady 02-01-04 10:48 AM

OK, I'm in!

Melissa, 30
DH, 39
Trying for #2 since late Oct/early Nov
TTC issues? azoospermia
Current Protocol? waiting for AF, but will try Lupron flare with 3 amps Follistim to start, then down to 2 amps until u/s. I've been urging before lining and follicles are ready.