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Why doesn't Fairfax ship to a person...only a doc? Print Version

Jules8 08-21-04 11:02 AM

Why doesn't Fairfax ship to a person...only a doc?
Me again...:wave: I hope you aren't sick of me and my silly questions.

So I have 7 ICI samples at Fairfax (my RE likes to wash them), but they won't ship them to me...only to a doctor's office.

Why is it that some of you can have sperm shipped to your house in a tank and others will only send to a doctor's office????

I would love to try home ICIs....sure would save money. :confused:

:domesticgoddess: 08-21-04 11:28 AM

Will they ship them to you at home with the doctor ok'ing it? :huh: I think they just have to have the doctor's permission. I hope they will do it. :xfingers:

dazzy 08-21-04 11:35 AM

I think they will but with a doctor's consent. Your docs office needs to fill out paperwork to allow them to be sent to you. Or you can try NWCryobank, they ship directly to you, no questions asked. Good Luck

AMomInLove 08-21-04 12:26 PM

In Canada banks are not permitted to ship directly to you home either...most banks do not seem to allow this practice...

SnowboardingMommy 08-21-04 03:32 PM

Or, just go pick it up from your RE's office if you want to try to do an at home ICI. :nod2: