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OK ladies, it's Update time! Print Version

~babydoll~ 08-22-04 03:45 PM

OK ladies, it's Update time!
Please update us on what's happening with TTC, and anything else you'd like to share. :)
It's so hard to keep track of everyone over months and months.

DI IVF in September
Finished BCPs 8/21
Start microdose Lupron 8/26, IVIg 8/27, stims & heparin 8/28
:xfingers: for egg retrieval on 9/9 and transfer on 9/14

Non-TTC, I'm starting my 3rd class towards my master's degree in Early Childhood Education this week, and will FINALLY have my trainer certification visit for High/Scope on 9/3!

akchic 08-22-04 04:29 PM

TTC for past 14 months off and on through IUI - no meds.

If it doesn't work this month will probably start on meds.
Have also looked into adoption process - but not ready to start that just yet.
DH has vasectomy from previous marriage.

Just starting another school year teaching 7th and 8th grade English.

Jules8 08-22-04 07:51 PM

(Amazing DH...severe male factor).
TTC a sibling for 2yo DS (conceived via 4th DIUI). Lost #2 in January at 20 weeks (conceived first try).

Currently on cycle #4...100 mg of Clomid days 5-9...probably surge on my own and probably do 2 IUIs.

I love to use my :flower:

alicia67 08-22-04 09:13 PM

I am at 8dpo for my second cycle of IUI. We had two mature follies so there's the possiblities of twins (and my friend jokes that they could both split into identical twins and we could have quads!!!) Anyway- testing on October 9th unless AF shows sooner.

Trying to Conceive 08-22-04 10:16 PM

We have been TTC for more than 4 years. DH has severe male factor infertility. Had several unmedicated DIUI's in the past year... all BFN's. Moving on to injectible meds with DIUI in September / October 2004. Also on a waiting list for our home study -- we are adopting a child from China!! And we are also seriously considering taking in fostering children. Our home definitely needs some kids!!