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Cycle Update...4th and final...and thank you Print Version

Jules8 08-27-04 04:11 PM

Cycle Update...4th and final...and thank you
Hi there!
Well you all gave great advice but most of it came a few hours too late!! There are so many scenarios and all the answers could be right ones, so I just went w/ my gut...

After talking to the nurse last night, she said not to bother w/ the trigger if I'm having that much cramping and have that dark of a surge line. So I skipped the trigger and went in today at 2pm for a single IUI. There were 42 million w/ 53% motility and a progression of 3 so all was good w/ the sample.

I'm usually a fan of double IUIs but this month I thought I'd go w/ my gut and save the money (each IUI is $567, $2K/cycle w/ all the monitoring) and sperm (now I'm down to only 6 vials left).

When I talked to a different nurse today she said she probably would have done the hCG trigger but that it was fine that I didn't. What can I say...I followed the advice of the nurse last night on the phone.

I am feeling very positive about this cycle. With good lining and 3-4 good follies...I'm ready for some good luck.

Thanks to ALL OF YOU!! You have all been so great and have given so much good advice. I sure do appreciate everything.:bighug:

On to the 2ww. I will keep postive and keep BOB out...
:flower: :xfingers:

:domesticgoddess: 08-27-04 04:25 PM

:pray: for twins!!! I'm so excited for you! :bd2:

glinda 08-27-04 05:19 PM

Best of luck :xfingers:

AMomInLove 08-27-04 06:06 PM

Wishing you only the best!!! :luck:

~babydoll~ 08-27-04 10:58 PM