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JB 08-28-04 07:46 AM

Embies on board
Hi Girls,
and then there were 6.....
1 x 10 cell
1 x 7 cell
1 x 6 cell
1 x 5 cell
1 x 4 cell
1 x 2 cell

They transferred the 10 and 7 cell embies (we are only allowed a maxium of 2 embies transferred at my clinic and most in Australia) and were going to freeze 2 maybe 3 of them this arvo, won't know till monday (mostly they freeze those over 6 cells today).

Ok seriously i am worried already about the 10 cell embie as It's too fast for day 3 isn't it? Anyone here transferred a 10 cell on day3 before? I am only asking this cause honestly my experience with PGD is that very often those embies that grow ahead in leaps and bounds too early have chromosone abnormalities. Wish i had of said now, no transfer the 7 and 6 cell. The 10 cell was very ugly looking too - i know you can't judge an embie by its looks but i am really concerned i transferred an embie so far ahead. Not much i can do now i guess but wait for the next 2 weeks.

Well here we go again, wish it was the last time....

glinda 08-28-04 09:29 AM

I'm glad to hear everything went well. If I was given the option of transferring a 6 cell or a 10 cell, I would opt for the 10 cell. There is nothing wrong with that embryo. Actually, it's very healthy. On my last transfer, one of the embryos I transferred was a morula. The more cells the better. The embryos goes from zygote to morula to blastocyst. The 10 cell was on its way to becoming a morula.

I don't think there is a way of looking at an embryo with the bare eye and pointing out chromosomal abnormalities. Maybe it was the 2 cell that you didn't put back which had failed to grow that had an abnormality (or maybe it didn't). The embryo may have looked "ugly" because there was fragmentation. That is no indication of an abnormality. Or maybe it looked "ugly" because the cells were starting to compact (which is a good thing). I read somewhere that a high initial beta was indicative of down syndrome. Well, you know what? I had normal betas. They actually started out on the low end. We all need to stop second guessing "the studies", past experiences etc. Unfortunately, those of us at the advanced maternal stage do worry about all these things. All we can do is hope that God, nature, whatever, takes over and makes things right.

GOOD LUCK JB!!!!!! :xfingers: :xfingers: (that's for twins, healthy of course)

~babydoll~ 08-28-04 01:47 PM

:xfingers: :xfingers: from me too! I don't know enough about embies and cells and what it all means to comment. I just wish you tons of good luck! +++++++++++++

becky2 08-28-04 02:37 PM

:luck: hope this 2ww goes by quickly for you. So glad they might be able to freeze two or three for you. Hope to are able to do all three:)
I'll be thinking of you,

marriahlyn 08-28-04 04:12 PM

I transferred a 10-cell my 2nd cycle and doc said it was a FABULOUS embryo. If it grew real quick, then it might be a little abnormal but 10 cells isn't much different than 8-cell. It will be just fine and like glinda said, I'd choose to also transfer the 10 instead of the 6.

Good luck!!