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Doing an IUI on Tuesday! (long) Print Version

Kyle'sMommy 08-29-04 10:55 AM

Doing an IUI on Tuesday! (long)
I am so excited!!! The other day I talked to the nurse at my doctors office about having my donors sperm washed at their office and then having an IUI done. Well she was very leary about it because she had never heard of someone shipping fresh sperm in a buffer by Fedex. She said that before she would do that she would want to check it out and make sure it's ok. So my donor sent a shipment to me on Thurdsday because I was supposed to take it over to the nurse on Friday for her to check. Well they were shorthanded on Friday so she called me and said she wouldn't be able to check it that day but to bring it over today after my u/s and she'd check it out. My u/s showed some little follies on the right and one big one on the left that measured 1.8. Well after my u/s I went to the office from the hospital and we went back to the lab and I took it out of the box and showed her how it's packed. She then put a drop on a slide and put it under the microscope, well to say she was shocked is putting it mildly. There were the little swimmers moving around, now granted they weren't moving very fast because this shipment was 4 days old but they were moving. She kept saying "I just can't believe this. This is amazing."
Then she showed me everything they use to wash it and for the IUI. She is so nice, she even let me look through the microscope and see them moving around. She said my donor has an excellent sperm count and there is probably at least 100 million in there.
So tomorrow morning I go in for my trigger shot around 9 am and then Tuesday I'll go in around lunch time for my IUI. WHOO HOO!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!

Trying to Conceive 08-29-04 11:52 AM

Good luck!

AMomInLove 08-29-04 12:15 PM

Excellent news! Wishing you the best! :luck:

alicia67 08-29-04 12:43 PM

Hope it goes fabulously!

~babydoll~ 08-29-04 01:05 PM

Good luck!