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BFP!!!!! Can't believe it! Print Version

akchic 08-29-04 01:50 PM

BFP!!!!! Can't believe it!
Okay - so today was 13dpiui and I had to do it. I took a HPT and it was positive! After 14 months of doing this I have never known what it was like to see that 2nd line and I am in shock.

Symptoms the last few days have been crampiness and gas. Not cramps like pre-menstrual, but different.

Haven't told DH yet since he's out golfing. He will be so excited! and surprised since I hadn't planned on testing until tomorrow. I am so glad I tested today.

Keep the faith girls. It can happen. I was ready to give up.

glinda 08-29-04 02:18 PM


nicki123 08-29-04 03:06 PM

Congratulations. That is wonderful news. I hope I am right behind you this month.

Good luck on your pregnancy.


Kyle'sMommy 08-29-04 03:09 PM

Congratuations!!!!! Hopefully yours is just the beginning of a long line of BFP's!!!!!

Jules8 08-29-04 03:25 PM

FINALLY!! It seems like we haven't had a BFP in a while!!! I hope you are starting a big trend here and that we all get BFPs this month.

Isn't it just the best when you see that second line and don't have to hold it up to the light?! Wishing you the best of everything!! Have fun telling DH!!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeee