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IUI #1 done! Print Version

Kyle'sMommy 08-31-04 04:56 PM

IUI #1 done!
Well my first IUI is done, it went pretty well except they were having some problems getting the catheter into my cervix because it's tilted. They had to use forceps and some type of clamp to hold it in place. It was a little umcomfortable but nothing too major.
The doctor that did it was so nice and my nurse was in there and told him to put the swimmers to the left side since that's where my largest follie was. I really like this office and feel very comfortable there. I'm glad we decided to move on to IUI's from doing the home insems.
My DH was so cute, after the doctor and nurse left the room he leaned down to my stomach and said "Swim Swim!!" LOL It was so cute!
So now I'm in the 2ww, I'll be testing September 13. :xfingers:

glinda 08-31-04 05:04 PM

I'm glad it was a positive experience for you. I hope that positiveness carries you through the 2ww and ends with a BFP!!!

Good Luck :xfingers:

nicki123 08-31-04 05:59 PM

I too go through some uncomfortable moments with my IUI's. I too, have a tilted cervix.

I wish you good luck and hope to see +++++ for you.


~babydoll~ 08-31-04 06:06 PM

:luck: Wishing you a :bfp:!

Eskie 08-31-04 06:25 PM

Thinking positive thoughts for you ++++++++++++++++++++