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Update -- 7dpo today. Print Version

nicki123 08-31-04 06:07 PM

Update -- 7dpo today.
Ok, girls. Update time. I don't care if it is too early, but I am still feeling strange. I get 99.5 fevers on and off all day and have been getting them since the 4 dpo. I am also getting achiness (not cramps) periodically on the right side, then it moves to my back then it starts on the left side and so on. I have sprung 3 pimples, and usually I don't see pimples until 3 days or so before AF. (shhhh, I don't want to say that word) LOL.
My bb''s are killing me--but that is nothing new since I take the HCG Trigger.

Everything is different with this IUI than the last 8. I even get nausaus after I eat a small meal. I feel like I am getting sick. Who knows? I just hope its not the medicine pulling its cruel tricks.

Anyway, I only took 1/2 a CC of the trigger shot on Friday. How long should the HCG trigger last?

Well that is the latest. I will fill you all in, after the weekend.

Good luck to all.


Eskie 08-31-04 06:24 PM

Keeping my fingers crossed for you

My brain is on major overdrive this month -- stay away BOB

glinda 08-31-04 06:34 PM

Nicole, you are strange ;). DO NOT TEST, missy. The hcg trigger should be out of your system after 10 days. Don't start making yourself crazy now. In a few days, go ahead and knock yourself out :).

Good luck sweetie.

:domesticgoddess: 08-31-04 06:55 PM

GOOD LUCK!! I would think that 5 days would be enough for a 1/2 dose of HCG to be out of your system, but you won't see a :bfp: until about 12-14dpo at the EARLIEST. Testing now would just be frustrating, so make sure and wait until Saturday at least! :hug:

nicki123 08-31-04 07:10 PM

First of all, I love you all. Second, Faith, we got to meet. Third, Don't Worry I Won't Test.

Do you all have any idea, how much money I wasted throughout these 2 yrs.!!!!!

You don't want to know. LOL.

I will fill you all in around the 14 or 15 dpo. I am not wasting anymore money. I will do it the old fashioned way.

By the way, I think I saw somewhere that the board wants domestic goddess not to be the board leader, What bull is that? I think if anything, she has been here with all of us, and she has better insight, since she did get pregnant.

Domestic Goddess---- Here's to you.