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~babydoll~ 09-03-04 10:36 AM

Still hanging in there
Hurricane Frances is still lurking off the coast, but she's slowed down a bit - just prolonging the agony. My house is like a cave all boarded up. We just have a few small things left to do, and then it will be time to sit tight, :pray: and :xfingers: The storm is now supposed to make landfall Saturday morning just north of me, but we're still going to get hammered starting long before then.

If I'm MIA for a few days, you understand why. I'll be contacting tracy and Glinda as soon as possible after the storm passes. :wave:

Kyle'sMommy 09-03-04 10:56 AM

Stay safe!

AMomInLove 09-03-04 11:59 AM

Thinking of you and your family! :ghug:

Jules8 09-03-04 12:28 PM

stay safe and sound!

SnowboardingMommy 09-03-04 03:26 PM

Oh, you poor thing!! Please stay safe!! :ghug:

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