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jadjard 09-13-04 02:04 PM

New to IVF
My husband has a neurological problem that causes us to need IVF. We are both very new to this and have not done any other fertility treatments before. So this is our first step and we are both very scared. I could use any advise or information that would be helpful. We are set to have our first IVF in November and just went to an education about it and I am more nervous than before. All those shots are scaring me. Anything that would help put my mind to rest would be great. I'm having nightmares.

becky2 09-13-04 07:44 PM

I just wanted to let you know that even though it seems really scary now it really will not be too bad once you get into it. The first shot is the hardest then you will see that they are pretty easy and don't hurt much at all. Please try not to worry any more then necessary. (I know its hard to not worry)
I want to wish you the best. Good luck in November.

~babydoll~ 09-14-04 12:11 PM

:ythat: It felt very overwhelming for me at first too, and I've been doing artificial insemination with shots for 3 years! :doh:. But like Becky said, once you get busy with it, you don't have time to fret too much. Stick around here and you'll learn a lot. :hug:

jadjard 09-16-04 11:11 AM

Thank you both very much. I'm sure I'm getting myself more worked up than I should be. It's just overwhelming. I had to go for a hystosonography test yesterday and I thought it was the same as the HSG test that everyone was saying was so painful. I was practilcally crying when I got to the doctors office. My stomach was in knots. Luckily the doctor and nurse are so awesome there. They reassured me and the test went off fine without any major cramping or pain. Made me realize that this whole process might be worse in my mind than anything else.

smileyface 09-20-05 02:13 PM

New to IVF
Hi guys,

I am new to IVF treatment. My husband has low sperm count due to which we had to resort to IVF. I am terribly scared of the shots and other tests. Please tell me , if they are really painful.
Yesterday I went for a saline test and it gave me severe cramping and pain.
Are there any more tests that will be so painful?

Please tell me. I need some support.