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I finally did it! Print Version

jjello 10-08-04 02:02 PM

I finally did it!
I finally bought our first vial of donor sperm!

If you remember last cycle we tried to do DIUI but didn't realize I had to get another approval from my new insurance company and I was too late. Well, the bad news is that I've been denied for DIUI because DH had a vasectomy reversal (not gonna go there - too infuriating and we all know the story). In a curious way though I feel relieved because I no longer have to wrangle with insurance coverage! We're on our own! Doesn't that sound ridiculous??? Funny, I felt the same way when I was laid off of my job and became self-employed. Scared, but good riddance!

Anyway, I purchased an IUI sample (ju$t one!) with our own greenbacks from NE Cryogenics which is due to arrive on Monday. I'll be doing an unmedicated cycle with no monitoring, but at least I'll have the statistical boost of the IUI, which is only $100, thank God. I'm pretty nervous, I must admit! I know this is really not much compared to what many of you ladies have been through, but I'm worried about the timing, the money and even (blush) the miniscule risk of getting HIV or hepatitis or something. That's normal stuff to worry about, right? I did find out that our donor has had at least one live birth.

If anyone's read this far :nod: I have a question which I'm hoping some of you vas reveral veterans might be able to answer: have you heard whether it's OK or not to allow DH's sperm to get mixed in with the donor's either before or after the insemination (as a result of intercourse)? You know, because of that whole anti-sperm antibody thing from the reversal? I've never totally understood it all and I don't know if we even have them but just thought I'd ask.

I finally, finally, and for the very first time feel like there is a (slim) chance I could actually become pregnant! Oh. My. God.

Good luck everybody!

SnowboardingMommy 10-08-04 02:23 PM

Congrats on buying the sperm! I remember the first time I did that it felt crazy! Giving somebody your Visa # in return for sperm was just too weird for me. Now it's no big deal! LOL! I'm just curious as to why you only bought 1 vial? Honestly, it might be safer to get about 4 just in case that one vial doesn't have a good count. Not to scare you, but I have even heard dead sperm (was it Dee that had that problem.....TWICE?). If your RE has a liquid nitrogen tank and can store it for you, I would really get a few more to keep handy just in case. It will also save you shipping costs in the long run. I'm also assuming that you are only doing 1 IUI (not double IUI's?).

I have to agree with you on the insurance front. I have never experienced a more frustrating thing in my entire life then when I was doing IUI's. My ins. co. covered infertility, but denied me coverage because I am in a same sex relationship (read: discrimination!). Anyway, we battled that for over a year and finally won. I was not going to give up because it wound up saving us over $10,000!!!! Now that I have UHC we are good to go with absolutely no problems at all. Without the insurance there is no way DP and I would have been able to afford both IVF cycles. I was willing to put up another fight if I had to. ;)

As for mixing your husband's sperm with your donor sperm, it's not a good idea. The little fellas actually have been known to battle each other (survival of the fittest?) and most RE's will probably tell you that it is not a good idea.

Good luck to you this cycle! :xfingers:

glinda 10-08-04 03:29 PM

Congratulations on your first (and hopefully last) purchase. So how does it feel not to be a virgin anymore? ;)

Please do not worry about HIV or hepatitis. The donor is tested for such diseases. After the donor gives his sample, it is placed in quarantine for 6 months. The donor is tested again and so is the sperm.

I agree with Maddy. I wouldn't take a chance a mix the sperm. You and DH can wait a day to have fun again :).

SnowboardingMommy 10-08-04 06:14 PM

By the way, I feel like I have heard somewhere that the actual sperm itself does not carry the HIV's the semen it lives in (this could just be an urban legend). So, the risk with ICI is probably great than with IUI (because the semen is washed away from the sperm). But like Glinda said, sperm banks test for this kinda stuff and quarantine everything for 6 no worries.

:domesticgoddess: 10-08-04 06:25 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on your big purchase - that's awesome!! :D

I agree that mixing the sperm is probably not a good idea (just in case it really matters). I hope you have excellent beginner's luck!! :bd2: