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alicia67 11-30-04 06:25 AM

10 dpiui long do I have to wait after an HcG shot to test? It's been a while, so I forget. I picked up a pile of dollar store tests on Sunday and can't wait to start using them!

For those who remember- my father came and spent the whole weekend with me. It was WONDERFUL! I really like him and am so happy that we are talking. A little sad it took 30+ years to do so...but better late than never. I am very lucky.

~babydoll~ 11-30-04 06:44 AM

That's great news about your dad's visit, Alicia! The safest bet is to wait the whole 14 days to get the trigger out of your system so you don't get a false positive. :luck:

Jules8 11-30-04 07:07 AM

I think the hCG is only in your system...but I'd wait until 14 days to test esp w/ the Dollar Tree.

That is great about meeting your father. I can't even imagine!!!

glinda 11-30-04 07:21 AM

The hcg is usually out of my system 10 days after trigger. Try to hold back the urge for a few more days.

Good Luck!

Kyle'sMommy 11-30-04 08:08 AM

When I got my BFP I tested at 12 days after the trigger shot and got a faint line on a First Response. The Dollar Tree tests never worked for me even when I got a pregnant on the digital I still didn't have a hint of a line on the Dollar Tree.
When I called my doctor about the faint line they said the hcg would be out of my system by then so they sent me for a beta. Try to wait until at least 12 dpiui. :xfingers:
That is so great about your father, and your right better late then never.