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puppy9 12-07-04 01:10 PM

#2 set for tomorrow
Hello Ladies

Well our 2nd attempt is scheduled for 2pm tomorrow. Keeping my :xfingers: that it works. Unfortunately DH wont be able to go with me as he has to out of town, so I will be there by myself. Then on to the dreaded 2ww.

:domesticgoddess: 12-07-04 01:41 PM

I will definitely be :xfingers: for you!! Let us know how it goes, ok? :hug:

AMomInLove 12-07-04 03:52 PM


Jules8 12-07-04 06:24 PM


We need a Christmas miracle around here!!! I'll be a week behind you...

Kyle'sMommy 12-07-04 07:17 PM

Good Luck!!! :xfingers: