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The Lone Ranger has Landed Print Version

JB 12-17-04 01:52 AM

The Lone Ranger has Landed
I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Progrestrone = 29
E2 = 1,522 (doing this from memory, can't find the bit of paper).

You'll love this Glinda. Go for my blood test this morning and i said I'm here for my beta, progrestrone and E2 blood test. Nurse says oh we don't normally do E2 tests. I said oh my Dr requested it ..... not like she is going to go and ring him to check. So my nurse rings me up this morning and said 'oh they've checked your E2 too, do you know why'? I said yes the nurse this morning thought it might be a good idea to check as well!!! Ha, they'll never work it out, just more info to play with!!!

Next beta next Wednesday.

Meanwhile what's going on already? I get the train home from work after our work Christmas Party i sneeze going thru the city loop then my nose starts bleeding. It was terrible it would not stop, blood everywhere i didnt have a hankey, no one would help. Bleed all the way to my train stop where my DH picked me up. Rang my nurse and she said theres a lot of extra blood flow thru your body in early pregnancy plus i am on asprin. Gees it was terrible.

Now i gotta fly.

marriahlyn 12-17-04 06:01 AM

JB, I'm so excited for you!! It looks like we'll all be able to join each other on the due in August board YIPPEE!! Looks like it was a good month for FET!

About the nosebleed, I got them with my daughter a lot! Make sure you carry tissue with you at all times because you never know what's going to happen. I'd also request blood pressure checks because the high pressure is what caused my nose bleeds.

Good luck with the next 8 months!!! YEAH!!

swampscott 12-17-04 08:23 AM

JB I'm so happy for you! Hope you have a wonderufl pregnancy!! Hopefully I will be right behind you!!!

~Stacey~ 12-17-04 08:30 AM

so so happy for you!! ( lurking here , hope you do not mind)

Bethann73 12-17-04 08:35 AM

:grin: :grin: Wonderful!! Congratulations!! :grin: :grin: Have a wonderful and uneventful 9 months. :D