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BOBmagnet 03-28-05 04:38 PM

RE in SoCal Inland Empire
DH and I will be moving to Riverside, CA in a few months & we'd like to get started with a new RE very soon after moving. Does anyone have experience with a clinic or doctor in that area that they would like to recommend?


AMomInLove 03-29-05 03:05 PM

Good luck - no info to share being we are in Canada! Surely one of the ladies here can help though!

ZaxMom 03-30-05 10:57 PM

My family and I live in that area. My sister and I both used Loma Linda University Center for Infertility and In Vitro Fertilization. When I changed insurance to Kaiser, I was fortunate in that the doctors from Loma Linda work 1-2 days a week as consultants for Kaiser. Both my sister and I were successful with the DIUI.

Good luck

BOBmagnet 03-31-05 11:39 AM

Laurie, Thanks for the information! So does your Kaiser insurance cover any of your fertility stuff? DH's employer offers several different insurance plans through different companies & we have not yet decided which one to do. Would you mind giving me the names of the Drs. that you have liked? Which Kaiser facility do they work at for those 1-2 days?

ZaxMom 03-31-05 11:30 PM

I called all the insurance plans and Kaiser was my best bet. I pay $15 co-pay for each appointment. My meds are supposed to be 50%, but for whatever reason I only pay $10 per prescription for my Repronex, Bravelle, and HCG. The needles are $.25 each.

What I really liked is that the RE was VERY proactive. When I went to Kaiser, I had already had 2 DIUI natural cycles with neg results. Dr. Richlin (a Loma Linda consultant) ordered a huge battery of tests. I had u/s for every cycle. On injectibles, I had u/s every 2-3 days until the HCG shot.

Dr. Richlin moved, so now the Loma Linda consulting doc is Dr. Patton. He was the one who got my sister pregnant with her DIUI.

I go to the Kaiser Fontana office.

Good luck!