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+ve opk Diui tomorrow! Print Version

rsmit02 04-08-05 01:16 PM

+ve opk Diui tomorrow!
Hiya all,

Well got my positive opk this morning so phoned my clinic and we go down for DIUI tomorrow at 12.15, fingers crossed for my 2ww.

Yesterday the line was there but not as dark as control line but this morning the test line was as dark as control line at 3 mins and darker very slightly by 5 mins. I had egg white cm yesterday but it was very white, today is clear, tons of it and very streachy sorry for tmi!

So heres hoping this month is it!


smking17 04-08-05 04:35 PM

Sounds like excellent timing!!! Best of luck!


Sammi 04-08-05 04:45 PM

good luck :xfingers:

Jules8 04-08-05 08:53 PM

You certainly sound fertile to me!!!!!!! Best of luck to you!

AMomInLove 04-08-05 08:55 PM

Sounds simply perfect! :xfingers: :xfingers: :xfingers: