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10dpo and bfn Print Version

rsmit02 05-21-05 04:16 AM

10dpo and bfn
Well couldnt wait any longer so took one of those early response tests that detect 10 iuiml hcg and it was bfn. This is so hard it makes me wonder how long any one person can go on ttc without going insane.

So just witing for af to arrive then we will do another cycle.


smking17 05-21-05 07:40 AM

I got a negative on 11dpo (didn't test on 10dpo), skipped 12dpo, and finally got a positive on 13dpo. 10dpo is VERY early and it is quite common to get a negative that early, don't lose hope!


AMomInLove 05-21-05 10:10 AM

That is way too early to be testing girl!!! :finger:
Hang in there and test again in a few days for more accurate results!!!

SnowboardingMommy 05-21-05 11:42 AM

I think they detect 25 iu's of hcg, not 10. That is WAYYYYYYYY early to test! Plus, hcg in the urine is much lower than in your blood. Give it until at least day 14 (and if no AF it could be longer!). :xfingers:

Sammi 05-21-05 11:58 AM

that's really early....I'm not allowing myself to even try until at least 12dpo because I know how hard those BFNs are to see. still :xfingers: for you.