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Weigh in from me! Print Version

rsmit02 06-15-05 06:24 PM

Weigh in from me!
Hi all,

Well 7dpo here in Scotland and hanging in there just how can 2 weeks feel like 2 long months its crazy!!

Now as you guys know my Doctor told me I had to lose another 22 lbs before we could have our medicated DIUI cycles so I am pleased to report I have lost 5 lbs and now only have 17 lbs left to lose YIPPEE!!!!

I really can see myself getting there now I am so happy! The weight loss surgery has made a world of difference and shifted the huge mountain of weight I had to lose but now more effert is required from me so I am following Weight Watchers which is great.


TNBabyRN 06-15-05 09:58 PM

Congratulations on the weight loss!! You are almost there! The 2WW is a nightmare. It's amazing how quickly it goes by when you arent' ttc, but when you are is seems like an eternity! Hang in there!

AMomInLove 06-15-05 10:26 PM

Excellent job! :clap:
Hang in there!!!

:domesticgoddess: 06-19-05 01:09 PM

You are an awesome role model! :clap: Your determination is outstanding! :clap: