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Hey Missy Print Version

lkeim 08-15-05 02:30 PM

Hey Missy
How are things going for you? Haven't heard from you in a bit. Leslie :blur:

Missy M 08-15-05 04:20 PM

Hi Leslie...I'm doing o.k.! This morning sickness (or shall I say "any time of day sickness") is for the birds :) These kids are kicking my butt :lol: I guess it's just a small taste of what it will be like as a mom. I am 9 weeks...can't believe you are already 13 weeks. I'm going for ultrasound #2 on wednesday and I can't wait to see how much they have changed. How long do you have to wait until you can find out the sex (are you going to find out)? When do the ultrasounds go from being internal to extrnal? My parents are in Alaska right now. They said it's nice, but not many people :) They are so touristy...they panned for gold on saturday and now mom has the fever for it. Dad says she's addicted :) How are you feeling? I can't believe how big I am getting so fast. I thought it would be atleast 4 months before I noticed a difference, but I'm huge! I have gone up a full cup size and none of my clothes fit. I don't know what I'll do because I don't need maternity clothes yet, but nothing else fits me...ugh! Looks like I'll be going shopping (I hate shopping). Hope you are doing great. Missy

lkeim 08-16-05 01:52 AM

Man, I knew you had more symptoms with twins but jeez! At nine weeks I was wearing maternity clothes and had gone up a cup size. I also gained 10 pounds! What a hog. It seems to be tapering off now though. My boobs seem to be stabilizing, which is good. I just bought maternity stuff that fits ok now but I can grow into. I was NOT going to be buying size 14s because I WILL not ever have to wear them after this baby. I'm normally an eight. I'm feeling pretty good, seems like I'm getting more energy. I can stay up till 11 now where before I HAD to be in bed by 9. I'm getting a cerclage (sew the girl shut) on Thursday so I'm a little nervous but think it will be for the best. Do you have places to shop there? Mimi and Pea in a Pod have the cutest stuff. Let me know how your u/s goes. I have a preop one on Wed. too. You can see the eyes, nose and chin now. Very cute. I think nine weeks you could see arms and hands. Have fun! Leslie

Missy M 08-16-05 08:53 PM

I do have places to shop, and think I will be hitting them sooner than I expected :) I'm glad you are feeling better....can't wait until I get a little energy back. So, they finally decided to sew you shut :lol: don't want that baby falling out. Better to be safe than sorry. I can stay up until 11 also, but I have to take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. I kinda like the whole nap thing :) It's nice to come home from work and flop on the couch and sleep until dinner, it revitalizes me for the evening :) Have fun on thursday (I hope they put you out for it). I'll let you know how the ultrasound goes. Missy

lkeim 08-17-05 11:36 AM

Well have fun shopping. You should go get some stuff, you'll get big with two beans in there. Not many people?? Jeez, we complain every summer how Alaska gets so overrun with tourists, that's funny. Well let me know how your u/s goes. Good luck, Leslie