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BFN here in Scotland I'm afraid. Print Version

rsmit02 08-17-05 03:18 PM

BFN here in Scotland I'm afraid.
Hi all,

Well another BFN AF decided to begin very slowly today full cramps and some light spotting all the usual signs along with a negative fred today.

We will go straight into another injectable cycle so go to my clinic once AF shows in full force for scans and bloods. We are going away for the weekend so I am looking forward to that.


TSLeer 08-17-05 03:20 PM


~babydoll~ 08-17-05 03:40 PM

:( So sorry for another disappointment. I'm glad you're jumping right back in. :luck:

smking17 08-17-05 03:45 PM

So sorry Ruth - I hope the next cycle does it and you don't even have to go as far as IVF.


jodiraemarie 08-17-05 10:33 PM

I'm so sorry Ruth, try to enjoy your weekend away and remember that you are doing everything you possibly can to get pg. You WILL be a mother someday.