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marielou 08-18-05 03:00 PM

Normal AF?
Hiya girls,

I'm getting back into TTC again - I'm CD2, and we're having a natural DIUI this cycle. ;)
I was talking to my Dr. last week, and he has really worried me ~ according to him, my periods are not 'normal' . I spoke to my regular GP, who says she is pretty sure they're fine, and I have nothing to worry about.
I have medium flow for the first two days (heavy to me, but according to my GP, its 'normal' flow, not medically heavy at all) then lighter on day 3, followed by two days of light red/brown spotting. (TMI but red/brown when I wipe, brown on my panty liner.)

My Fertility consultant said spotting is not normal .... but judging from my friends responses, its totally normal! I don't spot any other time of the month, just after AF.

My fertility consultant is very good, but he does have a tendancy to look for something to be wrong, he's very thorough. He scares me to death sometimes, worrying about my tubes (despite the fact tests show they are clear) and about cysts, despite the fact (touch wood) I've never had a cyst!! He also worried that my FSH was too high, when its around 3-4!!

Do you think I have anything to worry about, or am I just getting upset over nothing?

Marie xx

AMomInLove 08-18-05 04:14 PM

I would agree your cycles do sound normal to me...spotting before AF starts and at the tailend of AF is NORMAL...:huh:

:domesticgoddess: 08-19-05 02:47 AM

I really wouldn't fret about that. My Mom's cycles were always the way you mentioned - sometimes even lighter. Every woman is different and it sounds fine to me. :hug: Good to see you back at it, sweetie!!!

marielou 08-19-05 09:19 AM

Thank you so much girls, I really appreciate your help.

OMG, isnt Cole getting big?!! I also saw a photo of Mia on another thread, they're both so big and grown up!! It still seems like yesterday you were both heavily pg ... where has the time gone?!
My Niece, Hayley is just gone 2 now, a real little character, like I'm sure Cole and Mia are. She calls me 'Ah Erie' (Auntie Marie) and is a real little chatterbox!!

Marie xx

smking17 08-19-05 04:10 PM


That sound VERY normal - mine are two days of light bleeding, followed by one day of spotting in the way you describe, and I had no problem TTC.