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Final DIUI here we go! Print Version

rsmit02 08-21-05 04:05 PM

Final DIUI here we go!
Well here we go into our final DIUI AF arrived Sat morning I go Monday morning for baseline b/w and and u/s and all being well start my injections that day.

I cant believe we are at this point it was such a hard decision moving to donor sperm to begin with when we got dh diagnosis I really stupidly thought the getting pregnant was going to be the easy bit and the ethics, morals, emotions of DI were the difficult bits how wrong I was!!! 12 DIUI seems a lot and I wonder if it was to many emotionally I feel like I have very little left to offer IF treatment. But that said at least I can say we did EVERYTHING we could to get pregnant via diui and we really did need to move on.

I just need to find the strength to carry on with IF treatment past my 12 DIUI I know this next one could be the one but also know the hard way it may not be and I need to prepare myself for IVF. I am quite scared not only of the whole physical side of egg collection and so on but also the emotion of it all. I feel nothing now at the start of DIUI cycles I used to be excited I worry IVF will rekindle all the hope and excitement on the chances of it working then to have it all slowly dashed again if it doesnt work.

I guess I need you guys to keep me focused and tell me its all worth it, I spent the weekend away camping with many friends who have children and the times when they misbehaved and were tired and crotchy and nagging or up in the night I was finding myself wondering if all this was really worth it! I am so very tired of it all really.

Thanks for the moan folk I will let you know how Monday goes.


AMomInLove 08-21-05 10:31 PM

Thinking of you always and hoping it all goes well! You WILL get there one way or another I assure you..:hugs:

:domesticgoddess: 08-22-05 02:39 AM

Sending you ++++ vibes and I pray that this is THE time for you!!!! :bd2:

WestiesMA 08-22-05 09:27 AM

GOOD LUCK Ruth! I know how it is to have these treatments become routine as time goes by. Hang in there! :xfingers:

TSLeer 08-22-05 07:55 PM

Good luck, Ruth and hang in there! :pray: