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And then there were 19 Print Version

bonnie 08-23-05 12:25 PM

And then there were 19
I can't believe I went from 4-5 follies on day five to 19 on day 12! Looks like the retrieval will happen Thursday-got to cancel that hair appointment:doh: I'll let you gals know what happens...

lkeim 08-23-05 02:42 PM

Nineteen? Holy Cow! Way to go Bonnie. I'm SURE you'll be having babies out of that many. Congratulations. Too bad about the hair though. I didn't notice my hair at all until I stopped the shots. Then I started checking myself out, made appts. for pedi, wax job & henna. I really let myself go... :) Ah well. I have lots of energy to spruce myself up now. Leslie

dianelynn77 08-23-05 03:10 PM

Great news Bonnie. I will be hoping the best for your retrieval on thursday. Let us know what happens. You are great inspiration for what I will be going threw in a few weeks! Good Luck

jjello 08-23-05 03:59 PM

Wow - nineteen!!! Are you feeling very bloated? I wish you lots of luck on your transfer.


bonnie 08-23-05 04:33 PM

Thanks Girls! I AM feeling bloated...not too bad, but my stomach is far from flat! I have ovulation pains-tenderness and am a total "B". I told off the pharmacist last night after almost crying while in line over a mixed up order...and also on Saturday, I asked the answering service attendant for my doctor's office why she was arguing with me?!!. Well she WAS not being very helpful, but I'm usually much nicer than this...
I'm terrible and very embarrassed...

I'm hoping that my hormones will settle down soon...