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Dollar Tree PG Tests? Print Version

TNBabyRN 08-23-05 02:52 PM

Dollar Tree PG Tests?
Are they any good? It says the detect 25mu but who know how accurate they are for a buck? Anyone use them before???\

I got a BFN with one this morning a 10DPO - I couldn't help myself :doh:

smking17 08-23-05 03:05 PM

The month I was pg - I tested with a dollar tree at 11dpo and got a negative, and then was so upset that I waited two more days to retest with a FRER and got a positive. In some ways I blame the dollar tree test for being defective and dashing my hopes, but it could have just as easily been that any test would have been negative at that point. At 10 dpo that is most likely the case - don't count yourself out yet! If you are a habitual tester, then the dollar tree tests are just fine, since they won't kill the pocketbook.


AMomInLove 08-23-05 03:18 PM

I have heard of lots of people using them...:huh:
We do not have them here in Canada...I always used GENERIC tests which worked perfectly for me and I saved a bundle!!!

WestiesMA 08-24-05 02:00 AM

I guess if you are going to test a lot, the dollar ones at least will not break the bank! I've never been a big fan of HPT's (I only took two over a year while TTCing for my son) but i hope that you get a better answer in a few days!

hklord 08-25-05 05:20 PM

I used the generic ones when we were trying to concieve Ds and they worked fine for me