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rjwambi 08-24-05 07:23 PM

New Girl
Hi....I'm new here, TTC & doing IVF....


bonnie 08-24-05 08:01 PM

Welcome! Where are you in your cycle? I'm mid cycle-first time...I have my retrieval Friday and transfer Monday or Wednesday...let us know how you are doing!

jjello 08-24-05 09:26 PM

Hi New Girl & welcome - although I'm pretty new myself! Where are you from?


glinda 08-25-05 11:37 PM

Welcome New Girl. Please introduce yourself and give us details. Enquiring minds want to know :).

dianelynn77 08-26-05 08:40 AM

Welcome to the site, everyone is really helpful. I am doing the long 6 wek cycle of IVF and anm two weeks into it. I start my Lupron shots next week. Let us know more about you