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jjello 08-26-05 11:06 PM

So since you've made it through to the end of the week does this mean you're indeed out of the woods? Hope so!

glinda 08-27-05 06:30 AM


Missy M 08-27-05 09:52 AM

I believe the answer is yes :) They told me if nothing happened by the end of the week, It means the fall didn't hurt the babies. I feel pretty good...the soreness is mostly gone and the cramps are alot better too. Thanks for asking. Missy

lkeim 08-27-05 11:38 AM

Good job Missy. You be careful!

bonnie 08-27-05 12:49 PM

Sounds like you got some strong ones in there! Good for you!

Originally Posted by lkeim
Good job Missy. You be careful!